New Online Casino USA

New Online Casino USA Sites

The online casino industry is considered the casinos of the future, and new online casino USA sites are becoming more and more popular amongst players of all cultural diversities.

We are part of an electronic society, and the way casinos operate have adapted to this electronic way of life, and so the new online casino USA era was born.

The 2016 year has been a year of great development for the online casino industry, and several new online casino sites have entered the scene.

The online casino industry constantly evolves, and new and improved deposit options are available for all new online casino USA players to make use of. The QuickCash way of depositing money into your online casino profile is currently new on the scene, and is becoming a very popular way of transacting in the USA.

New Online Casino Listing Process

To get new online casino USA sites up and running, there is a dedicated team of specialists working around the clock to launch new USA casino sites from all the leading casino platform providers.

Many of these USA online casinos have no deposit bonus features, which allow online players to cash in on free casino money without the hassle of putting down a deposit.

Players must read the small print pertaining to free bonus offerings, and make sure that the bonus policies are far and transparent.

Online Casino Mobile Sites

Most of the new online casino USA websites have now launched mobile versions supported by iOS as well as Android devices, enabling players to access these sites from their mobile and hand held devices.

The geo-restrictions, similar to those applicable to desktop computers, will also apply on the mobile casino sites. This function will require your location status to be turned on; in order for the site to determine that you are in fact in the USA, and allows you access to play.

First Time Online Casino Experience

When trying out new USA based online casinos for the first time, there is a few things that does not hurt to know upfront.

New online casino USA developers put in a lot of effort to create online casino websites that are safe, user-friendly and have a well balanced selection of games on offer that caters for all kinds of players and their individual needs.

These online casino sites have all different types of games on offer, from video poker, slots and even table games.

Players might be sceptical about online casinos because of the lack of the human element, but be sure to do your homework on the USA casino site of your choice, and you will soon find that online casino gaming takes great precautions to ensure that transacting and playing online is safe and secure. These online casinos also provide 24/7 customer support to players, and also offers a live chat function, where you could pose questions to these online casino representatives.

New online casino USA platforms also offer a free trial period, in which players can play for free to establish if they are happy with the site.

Casino Online Reviews

Why Players Need To Focus On Casino Online Reviews

Online casinos have become such a part of everyday life; it almost feels like it has always been around. It is now just over a century since the first online casino made its way onto the web, and the popularity of these sites increase on a daily basis. New online casino websites pop up on a regular basis in the USA, and for this reason players need to focus on proper casino online reviews.

Players need to keep in mind that not all online casino sites are of the same quality and adhere to the same ethics and policies, and for this very reason a due diligence needs to be executed before playing for real cash on these USA online casino sites.

Are You Eligible To Play?

It is not much use doing a due diligence on an online casino site, and then only finding out that the site is not available in your dominion.

Part of the whole casino online reviews process is to establish whether the site is available in the USA.

Casino Companies Information

I think everyone would agree that it is not the most exciting thing to look forward to if you have to spend some time reading up on the casino company information for each site, but be warned that this is a crucial part of casino online reviews, and could cost you money if you don’t do this properly.

Just a few tips on what to look out for is things like where the specific online site is licensed, when the site was established and who the registered owners of the online casino site is.

Promotions And Bonus Features Of Online Casinos

One thing all players have in common is the fact that when it comes to choosing an online casino, one of the first things that come up in casino online reviews is the bonus payouts and promotions of the individual sites. In the USA there are endless online casinos to choose from, so when comparing bonus and promotion features, keep an eye on the specific bonus totals, what the bonus percentage is and how they calculate this, as well as play through requirements for these bonus amounts.

When players take the time to conduct comprehensive casino online reviews and do a bit of research, they will have to compare the different bonus features of the online casino sites they are interested in, to come to the correct conclusion of which of these bonus and promotion features are worth going for.

If you are still undecided, or new to the online casino scene, it would be advised to try out a couple of no deposit bonus features and a few different casino sites to get the feel of things before jumping in head first and playing for real cash from the word go.

Players browsing through casino online reviews must also read up on the mobile compatibility of the USA casino sites they are interested in, as not all online casino sites have mobile friendly versions available.

Ugga Bugga

Ugga Bugga Online Slot from Playtech

Ugga Bugga was developed by Playtech and is a multi-spin online slot game that is a unique mix between a classic slot game and something more complex. There are essentially three reels and 10 pay lines but the setup is unique in that each pay line is a separate set of three positions making the 10 pay lines in fact 10 reels that spin independently.

Set in a deep jungle, Ugga Bugga online slot features a theme surrounding ancient tribes. The reel set is divided and framed by wooden poles and the control buttons are wooden signs. All symbols represent the theme and include warriors, masks, golden idols, huts, food bowls, bongo drums and more.

The Ugga Bugga Betting Options

The 10 pay lines are in action throughout the game so there is no option to select any less than 10. They can however have different bet amounts but the range of options is quite limited.

There is only one value for the coins placed on the Ugga Bugga pay lines. This is a value of 0.01. There is however the option to place one coin on each pay line or any number of coins up to the limit of five. This means the minimum and maximum bets are values of 0.01 and 0.50 which makes the online slot most suitable for low rollers.

The Special Hold Feature Explained

The special hold feature of the Ugga Bugga online slot makes game play a little different to typical online slots. Each turn actually has two spins. The first spin that occurs is the one that costs the bet. Each reel se will then spin in turn and once they have stopped one symbol may be held which will in turn hold all matching symbols across the reels.

The second spin, which is essentially a free re-spin, will then take place with the held symbols remaining in position. Any wins are then calculated and paid out.

The Ugga Bugga Symbol Pay Outs

Ugga Bugga has 23 different winning combinations that are possible and almost all include three matching or mixed symbols apart from the wild golden idols and the warrior symbols that pay for even one on a pay line.

The wild golden idol symbols are standard substituting symbols and are the most valuable paying up to the top Ugga Bugga prize of 1 000x the pay line bet for three. One and two wilds will pay 1x and 2x respectively. Black, red and orange masks are the next most valuable symbols that pay out 25x for a mix, 75x for three orange masks, 100x for three red masks and 125x for three black masks.

Black, red and orange bongo drums are next paying out 50x, 35x and 20x respectively. A mix of bongo drums pays 20x and a mix of any masks and drums on a pay line pays 10x.

There are then three different types of huts that pay out amounts from 5x to 30x and three different bowls of food that pay out from 2x to 15x. The warriors are the lowest valued symbols that pay out 1x, 2x or 5x for one, two or three on a pay line.

Twin Spin

Twin Spin Online Slot Game

Twin Spin is a Net Entertainment online slot game that pays tribute to classic slots without actually being one. There are five reels and three rows of classic symbols and traditional playing cards and instead of typical pay lines, there are rather 243 ways to win.

The 243 ways to win feature means that any matching symbols that land on adjacent reels count as winning combinations regardless of whether they are on the same row. They must of course start from the left hand side.

The classic slot element of this online slot means there are no scatters, free spins or extra bonus game features. There is however a Twin Spin feature and some wild symbols.

How the Twin Spin Feature Works

The Twin Spin feature is the main feature of this online slot and where the name originates. The feature comes into play on every spin and basically means that two reels spins together with each reel spinning identical symbols. The two reels may be reel one and two, two and three, three and four or four and five but generally the first two reels spinning together brings about better chances of landing wins.

When the Twin Spin feature is in play there may be instances where the two reels spinning together increase to three, four or possibly five reels which will mean all of those reels will contain identical symbols.

The Twin Spin Theme and Symbols

There is not much with regard to the theme of Twin Spin. It is a simple looking online slot with large, bold and colourful symbols. The background is dark blue but blue, green and magenta laser beams light up the screen. A light show takes place with small yellow dots when wins occur and upbeat 1980’s style sounds play in the background.

Typical of online slot games the lower valued symbols are represented by the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A symbols. The highest valued symbols are those represented by the classic slot symbols. These include a giant diamond, a red seven, a single bar, a gold bell and cherries.

The giant diamond is the symbol that pays the most. Five diamonds pay out the Twin Spin jackpot of 1 000 coins. There are wild symbols that do not pay out on their own but they do substitute all other symbols found on the reels.

Betting Limits Available for Twin Spin

Bets can be placed using the appropriate control buttons found below the Twin Spin online slot reels. Since pay lines cannot be selected there is a set range of betting limits for the 243 ways to win. Betting limits work much like they would on a 25 pay line online slot with the minimum bet of 0.25 and the maximum of 125.00 being possible. This is because there are 10 betting levels, meaning up to 10 coins, and there are six coin sizes available. The coin sizes include 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20 and 0.50.

The online slot has a max bet option as well as an auto play option which can set multiple spins to play out automatically without having to click on the spin button.

Tropic Reels

Tropic Reels Online Slot Game

Tropic Reels is a Playtech powered multi-spin online slot game that has three reels and five rows which are five independent pay lines. The pay lines can be selected and the betting levels determine the value of the wins. The online slot game has wild symbols and a multi-spin hold feature. There are no scatter symbols, bonus games or free spins.

As the name suggests, Tropic Reels online slot has a tropical theme. The background is a tropical view reminiscent of Easter Island. Statues stand to the left with a toucan peeking from behind the reels. Tropical sounds are heard throughout game play.

Control buttons are situated, as usual, below the three reels. These include access to the pay table and the bet max button. Coin values can be adjusted on the left of the control panel with the plus and minus buttons.

Jackpot Prize and Betting Levels

The Tropic Reels jackpot is 2 500x the pay line value but can only be won with the maximum five coin bet. Lesser bet values mean the jackpot decreases to 2 000x and less.

Each of the five pay lines can have up to five coins placed on them. The coin sizes range in value starting at 0.01 and ending with the highest value of 5.00. The maximum bet for every spin is therefore 125.00.

The Multi Spin Hold Feature

The multi-spin hold feature is present on every spin. The five rows of the three reels are actually five pay lines that spin independently. The first spin that takes place on the Tropic Reels sees the fifth and bottom pay line spins on its own. Any one of the three reels on that pay line can then be held after it stops spinning by clicking on the hold button directly under the chosen reel. All other symbols that match the held symbol then stay in their position for one more spin.

The multi-spin hold feature is the main Tropic Reels feature that is most profitable when the pay table is understood as some symbols pay more or land more often than others.

The Tropic Reels Pay Table

Tropic Reels online slot has 23 possible combinations that pay out various amounts. The symbols include various tropical wildlife, plants and fruit. The wild symbol is the tiger. It stands in as any of the symbols if necessary and is also the top paying symbol. Three wilds lined up on a pay line awards the 2 500x jackpot when the maximum bet is placed.

Red, yellow and blue parrots award 20x to 200x and slices of citrus fruit award anything from 10x to 75x. The parrots and fruit slices can be mixed on a pay line for a 5x pay out. Red, green and purple frogs pay out from 5x to 50x and red, yellow and blue flowers pay out 2x to 25x.

Two or one wild symbol pays out 10x or 1x respectively while three, two or one pineapples pay out 10x, 3x or 1x. All symbols, apart from the wilds and pineapples, only pay out for three matching or certain mixes of symbols.

free welcome bonus casino

Philippines’ Online Free Welcome Bonus Casino Scores

With the free welcome bonus, casino sites online have another weapon in their arsenal of attractions that sets them apart from their land-based rivals. It’s fashionable to believe that nothing is ever for nothing, but gambling fans in the Philippines are discovering that this isn’t necessarily the case. Online casino sites compete intensely for business, and giving players free play with a chance of real winnings the moment they sign up is a great way to entice new members.

As promotional offers, free welcome bonus casino incentives will naturally come with certain terms and conditions attached. A minimum number of wagers with the bonus stake may be compulsory before a player can cash out any winnings, for example. Philippine players need to be sure they understand the terms and conditions thoroughly before accepting any bonuses, but as long as they adhere to this caveat, free welcome bonus casino deals are a handy way to try out different online casinos and a wider variety of games at no risk to a player’s funds.

Convenience a Big Driver towards Online Casinos

Apart from the free welcome bonus, casino sites online have other advantages that appeal to Filipinos. The Philippines’ excellent internet connectivity makes online casinos accessible to many more citizens in the republic’s far-flung archipelago of islands than the land-based casinos clustered around Manila. Philippine law also makes it completely legal for players to gamble at sites licensed outside the Philippines, and there are plenty to choose from.

Online casinos also never get overcrowded, and a player will never be frustrated by other players hogging their favourite machines. With the design, sound FX and live interactivity of online casinos improving with every advance in technology, many sites do a great job of replicating the in-real-life casino experience. Add free welcome bonus casino options that change on a daily basis, and the rapid growth in this entertainment sector is completely understandable.

Different Forms of the Free Welcome Bonus

There are three basic kinds of free welcome bonus casino sites usually offer: cash deposits, matching deposits and free spins. As the name implies, free spins generally apply to slots, although sometimes they could refer to roulette. The player is given a certain number of spins by the casino on which they don’t have to place bets, but which can still win real-money prizes.

Cash deposits and deposit-matching bonuses are both rewards that increase the player’s bankroll to play on slots, tables, or other casino games. The cash deposit is the most truly free welcome bonus casino sites offer, as players are given a set amount in their account to wager on any games they like, the moment they sign up. They do not have to make an initial deposit to access the bonus.

Deposit-Matching Bonuses can be Impressive

The deposit-matching bonus often included in a welcome package is not, strictly speaking, an entirely free welcome bonus casino offer. The player does have to make a certain minimum deposit before they qualify for the bonus. But since deposit-matching bonuses are regularly 100, 200 or even 300 per cent of the player’s deposit, they can still provide casino fans with a healthy amount of free money with which to wager, increasing their chances of real-money wins.

Free Bonus Online Casino

How Free Bonus Online Casino Slots Work

When it comes to casino games, online casinos definitely have the upper hand. In the Philippines, all online casinos offer a huge range of slots and casino games from all over the world. For most players though, slots are the most popular as they are easy to really play, are highly enjoyable and can be played for free or for real money. If you have always wanted to try your hand at playing for real money, the good news is that you don’t even have to make a deposit. In the notes below, we are going to look at how to play free bonus online casino slot games using a no deposit bonus.

No Deposit Free Bonus

One of the biggest benefits of playing online is being able to play free slots anytime, anywhere. But of you want to play for real money, you are going to need to make a deposit. However, many online casinos in the Philippines offer no-deposit bonuses that allow players to play for real money without the risk. If you are wondering why, the reason is that most players are not too keen on switching over to real money play. In order to make the process easier, casinos offer players the chance to play free bonus online casino slot games with a cash bonus or free spins.

No Deposit Slots Cash Bonus

To qualify for a no-deposit bonus, players simply need to sign up with the casino and activate their online casino account. As soon as the account is activated, the casino will reward the player with a cash bonus or a free spins bonus. In the case of a cash bonus, the Philippine online casino will deposit a small amount of cash into the player’s casino account. Players can then use the cash to play free bonus online casino slot games and win real money online.

Free Spins Slots Bonus

The no-deposit free spins bonus is similar to the cash bonus in that it allows players to play real money slots online without having to make a deposit themselves. As soon as a player has signed up and activated their online account, the casino will reward the player with a certain number of free spins. Players can then use these free spins to play free bonus online casino slot games at any time. Once the free spins have run out, players can switch over to playing for free or make a deposit and play for real money.

The aim of a no-deposit bonus is to get players used to the idea of playing for real money and winning online. While the cash amount or free spins does not amount to much, it is a great way to experience what it is really like to play and win online. If players do manage win some cash playing free bonus online casino slots, cashing out is not that simple. Most Philippine online casinos have very strict wagering rules that require players to make a deposit and play a number of casino games before they can actually cash out any of their winnings.

Free Bonus Casino Games

Free Bonus Online Casino Games

If you are familiar with online casinos, you have probably heard of casino bonuses. For those who are new to the online gambling scene, casino bonuses are online incentives designed to reward players for choosing to play at a particular online casino. In the Philippines, many top-rated online casinos offer a full range of casino bonuses and promotions. What most people don’t realise is that bonuses come in two forms, those that require at deposit and those that don’t. In the notes below, we are going to look at how to play free bonus casino games online.

No Deposit Free Bonuses

For many players in the Philippines, online casino bonuses work well to boost your bankroll and keep you playing for longer. But casino bonuses also work for players who are not quite ready to play for real money. No-deposit bonuses are free bonuses designed to give players the ability to play real money casino games without the risk involved. In order to play free bonus casino games online with a no-deposit bonus, players simply have to sign up for a free online casino account.

As soon as you have activated your online casino account, the online casino will reward you with your no-deposit bonus. This can be in the form of a cash deposit or free spins. With a cash bonus, the casino will deposit a small sum of cash into your account. A free spins bonus offers players a certain number of free spins. Players can then use their cash or free spins to play free bonus casino games online without ever needing to make a deposit themselves.

Real Money Free Bonuses

For players that want to play for real money and win big online, online casinos offer a full range of deposit and reload bonuses. The commonly offered deposit bonus in the Philippines is the welcome bonus. This is usually a cash match bonus of up to 100%. What this means is that when a player makes their very first deposit into their online casino account, the casino will match the deposited amount up to a certain cash limit. Players can then use their bonus deposit to play free bonus casino games online straight away.

Top up Bonuses and Casino Promotions

Along with welcome bonuses, many online casinos in the Philippines also offer reload bonuses for players the regularly top up their online casino account. A reload bonus is also a type of cash match casino bonus. In most cases the percentage is somewhere between 10 and 15 percent. The more a player deposits into their account, the higher the percentage will be.

Players can then use the little bit of extra cash to play free bonus casino games online every time they top up their account. To add to this, when players sign up with an online casino, they can also take advantage of the many casino promotions on offer. In the Philippines, all top-rated online casinos offer daily, weekly and monthly promotions where players can win free spins, cash prizes as well as free entry into online casino tournaments.

Casino with free bonus

Online Casino with Free Bonus, Philippine Options

Millions of Philippine citizens enjoy gambling games, but for many, especially on the republic’s farther-flung islands, the costs in time and money of a trip to the Philippines’ land-based casinos can be prohibitive, as they are all clustered around Manila. That’s what makes so many Philippine casino fans keen to try games at an online casino, with free bonus packages thrown in as an extra.

They have dozens of these sites to choose from, even though Philippine law is slightly convoluted on the subject of gaming. In most of the republic, all legal land-based games of chance are regulated and operated by government watchdog PAGCOR, including Manila’s casinos and all other forms of betting permitted. But PAGCOR operates no online sites, and in northern Luzon’s autonomous Cagayan Special Economic Zone, which licenses both land-based and online casinos, no Philippine citizens are permitted to play at them.

Nevertheless, there is no law that bans online gambling. So Filipinos who do want to try out an online casino with free bonus play, and progress to wagering real money, can do so legally on any sites licensed outside the Philippines.

Why Online Casinos give out Free Bonuses

There is no trickery at work in the term free bonus; an online casino with free bonus offers really does let players make no-risk bets with a real chance of winning. Like a loss leader in a retail store, online casinos use sign-up bonuses for incentive purposes, knowing that if they persuade players to try a site, and players enjoy the experience, they are likely to play more.

Online casinos are also in constant competition with land-based casinos, which often offer no free play at all, and the hundreds of other online casinos sites online pitching to the same markets. So an online casino with free bonus features tailored specifically to Filipinos stands a better chance of attracting the Philippines’ curious newcomers and seasoned players alike.

Take Care of Safety First

Most Philippine gaming enthusiasts are already aware that there are plenty of predators online. The same caution should be applied to online casinos as to any purchases over the internet. Before they register at a site, even if they only intend to try out an online casino with free bonus play, gamblers should make sure its banking encryption, games’ fairness and privacy policy have been independently tested and approved.

Sites that review online casinos accessible in the Philippines will also rank the top online experiences, and vocal message boards are also a good place to look out for the sites that are frequently accused of unsatisfactory treatment of players. A little research will allow gamblers to find the best-rated online casino with free bonus options, and avoid the less salubrious operations.

No End to the Games on Offer

With online casinos working feverishly to ensure that all the most popular games found in land-based operations can also be played online or via mobile, gamblers in the Philippines can find all their favourite titles at an online casino, with free bonus play on certain games the cherry on top. New games are developed and released constantly, so Filipinos who enjoy online casino entertainment are never going to run out of novel options to whet their appetites.

casino win real money

Many a Casino Offers the Chance to Win Real Money 

The best online casinos in the Philippines offer players a broad range of gaming options, including bingo and the traditional casino table games like roulette and baccarat. Players will also find video poker games and always an impressive array of slot machines.

Some casinos require that the software be downloaded in order to play the games, and in others the instant flash version is also available. An online casino win real money game is always easy to access, whatever method you use.

A Variety of Bonuses

Online casinos in the Philippines offer various bonuses that are used to attract new players. You can access a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus, which can be used before making a deposit. You can register at an online casino and make use of the no deposit bonus to play several games and win real money, without any financial commitment. When you decide to open an account, and deposit some money into that account, and when any various wagering requirements the online casino may stipulate are complied with, those winnings may be withdrawn.

An online casino win real money bonus is always worthwhile, as you can get to know different games and practise strategies before you wager any of your money. This bonus is often very useful when there is a new game at the casino that you would like to try before using the casino win real money wager. Some casinos have also begun offering free spins at certain slot machines with no wagering requirements. Further deposits will also receive further bonuses.

Completely Safe and Secure Casinos

Filipino online casinos are subject to strict rules and regulations by the Philippine gaming authority, so they are completely safe to play at, and your money and winnings will be looked after. All transactions, whether personal or financial, will be treated with the utmost discretion. Payment can be done with the usual major brands of credit and debit cards, or the modern e-wallet alternatives like Neteller.

The selection of the latest slot machines at casinos in the Philippines where you can play casino win real money games online, is always very wide. The selection of table games at online casinos is also extensive and includes all the well-known games like Blackjack and Roulette, baccarat and many different variants of poker. At most online casinos you can play games for free, in order to hone your skills or to discover which games are your favourites. Once you feel more confident, you will probably want to try the casino win real money games.

Advantages to Real Money Games

There are many advantages to playing casino win real money games. Not only can you play your favourite game but you can win some real money along the way as well. All games offer great rewards, and slot games offer some huge jackpots, including the progressive jackpot that some of the latest games offer. This is a jackpot that continues growing as long as you and other players at that casino continue playing, and the more bets you and other players place. Playing with a real money account will also give you access to any special promotions or side bonuses the casino win real money online may offer. To play casino win real money games, all you need to do is register at your choice of online casino, open your account and place your bets. Then you can begin playing your favourite games, and begin winning real money.