Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup Day a Holiday for Australians

Melbourne Cup day is the day Australians are given a holiday, close up business, and sit glued to their television screens.

The Melbourne Cup is the richest “two mile” handicap race in the world. It is Australia’s most prestigious Thoroughbred horse race run for three year olds, and is conducted by the Victoria Racing Club on the Flemington Racecourse as part of Melbourne’s spring carnival. The event is held on the first Tuesday in November, and is well known as the “race that stops a nation”. Millions of Australians, as well as enthusiasts from all over the world, watch Melbourne Cup, and tens of thousands of visitors descend on Victoria and the Flemington racecourse for a day of party making.

The Melbourne Cup has a long history, with the first race being held well over a century ago, in 1861. When Australia adopted the metric system, the distance was changed from two miles to 3,200 metres. The present record is held by Kingston Rule, with a time of 3.16.03, set during the 1990 race.

The Melbourne Cup final is limited to twenty four horses. All international horses, except those from New Zealand, that are entered in the Melbourne Cup have to undergo quarantine in their own country for a minimum of fourteen days before being allowed to travel to Australia. This is to meet the standards set by the Australian Government.

Huge Prize Money

The total prize money for the 2016 race was 6,200,000 Australian dollars, plus trophies worth 175,000 dollars. The horses placed in the first ten receive prize money, and the winner is paid 3.6 million Australian dollars. Prize money is distributed in the ratio of 85 percent to the owner, 10 percent to the trainer, and 5 percent to the jockey. The 1985 Melbourne Cup was the first race in Australia with a prize of a million dollars. At present the Melbourne Cup offers an additional 500,000 dollars bonus prize for the owner of the winner, if the horse has also won the group one Irish St. Leger race run two months before.

In the 2015 race, the first female jockey won the Melbourne Cup. Michelle Payne rode New Zealand’s Prince Penzance, a six year old gelding, to a historic win. In 2016, the winner was the horse Almandin, narrowly over Heartbreak City. The two time winner jockey Kerrin McEvoy last won in 2000, and the owner Lloyd Williams became the first owner to win the Melbourne Cup five times.

The Famous Melbourne Cup Still Awarded

In 1919 the Victorian Racing Club commissioned a design for the winner’s trophy to be awarded for the race, a three-handled loving cup that was designed by James Steeth, and this is still the iconic Melbourne Cup that is presented to winners today.

It is an established fact that more than 80 percent of the Australian population have made a bet on a horse in this famous horse race. There are of course some hard core punters, but most Australians on this day are people looking for a buzz of excitement to complete the entertainment of the Melbourne Cup day.  Australia has a very active online horse racing betting community. People are given a wide range of bets to choose from, the first place in the race, the second place, the last place, the order of all the horses, among many others. These days everyone can enjoy the thrill of a wager or two on the Melbourne Cup from the comfort of their own home, by using a laptop or mobile device.

Amaya Games Glutters

Glutters Slot By Amaya Games Takes Refreshing Turn

With a rise in technology and slot titles featuring more technological features than ever before, along with over detailed and far too realistic themes, sometimes it’s nice to play on a simplistic, cartoonish slot game. Currently, themes can border too much on the dark and dreary side, so when a fun game such as Glutters slot machine comes out, it’s no wonder slot fanatics take a liking to it.

From the onset, players immerse into a virtual candy land where candy sticks, lush green cartoon-like mountains and blue cloud-filled skies adorn the background. On the see-through reels, bordered in bright pink, weird blob-like creatures are encountered. The slot revolves around these cartoonish creatures which inhabit this candy land and the food that they eat.

The reel symbols are the Glutters creatures themselves and they include the blue, green, yellow, purple, blue and orange creatures.

Don’t Want To Click Every time, Use Auto play

Like most other slots, this slot machine offers an auto play option where players can choose how many spins they would like to spin on auto play. Up to 100 spins can be spun in auto play, allowing players to sit back and watch the reel spin and the money roll in. If you’ve never played this slot before, try playing it on auto play mode to get a real feel for it.

Discover Innovative Bonus Features

Although Glutters slot machine borders on simple, with five reels and 20 pay lines, the bonus features found within the gameplay are anything but simple and boring. First off, the game includes a wild symbol who is the red creature. Secondly, the food cannon bonus feature sits on the right hand side of the screen and is triggered on a random basis. This cannon offers free spins, the amount of spins displayed on the cannon.

There are three boxes present on the cannon. The box on the top represents the number of shots received. One type of reel symbol is represented by one shot. The bottom box shows the levels the reel symbol will increase by. Lastly, the middle box on the colourful cannon shows which reel symbol will be targeted. What this cannon feature does is try to increase the value of a particular symbol to create more winnings. Basically with this feature, the food cannon takes players on a journey of food chucking where they take shots at the creatures with food. Once the bonus game finishes, the new symbols with higher values are evaluated and the increased winnings are paid out.

Another innovative bonus feature on Glutters slot machine is the free spins. By simply landing three or more of the picnic basket symbols on the second, third and fourth reels at one time, the free spins will be activated. What makes this round so innovative is that players once again have to fire food items at the different creatures to win more free spins. If a player feeds the wrong creature the wrong food, a bomb will go off and the free spins feature will end. Adding to the entertainment factor, the food cannon pops its entertaining head more frequently in the free spins game.

With cute and cuddly graphics, funky sounds and fun features, this charming Glutters slot machine truly does offer a refreshing break in a virtual world of complicated slots.

Amaya Games Genies Treasures

Draw cards of Genies Treasures by Amaya Games

When picking the perfect online slot game to spend your money on, there are numerous draw cards to consider. And while developers promote big wins and the ultimate gaming experience, they fail to tell players to be cautious when entering their themed worlds. Before playing Genies Treasures online slot machine, the developers of this game, Amaya Games, should caution slot players.

Danger or negative consequences do not follow this word of caution, but instead the words of caution border on a humorous tone. Playing this game will certainly leave players glued to their screen, spinning these reels will leave players immersed completely in a game of grandeur, where real life will seem boring after exiting this virtual realm, and even more shocking, this online slot game might just very well leave players with square eyes having spun the reels for way too many hours.

But if one can fight the urge of completely living in a virtual world, or can see just fine through square eyes, a player can enjoy all the best features, technology, rewards and draw cards of Genies Treasures online slot machine.

Fixated On A Mesmerising Theme

What keeps players in this game and glued to their screens for so long is the beautiful theme this slot embodies. Based loosely on the movie Aladdin, players spin the reels for hours as they travel on a virtual journey through magical Arabia, where treasure chests are a plenty and genies come to life frequently to reward riches and wishes. Treasure chests, grand palaces, magic lamps, beautiful sunsets, stunning princess, sharp swords and genies all feature on these golden reels of Genies Treasures online slot machine which offers all the magic expected of such a slot.

Rewarding Bet Features And Bonus Rounds

Player’s eyes turn square with the repeated spins of the reels as they try to activate the Genie Extra Bet feature or the fun Grant A Wish bonus game. The first feature game on Genies Treasures online slot machine multiplies players’ winnings by five times, while the thrilling bonus game instantly pays out nice prizes and rewards if the player chooses correctly. The Free Spins bonus game on Genies Treasures online slot machine keeps players glued to their screens with free spins retriggered constantly.

Brief Outline of This Slot

This online slot machine features 20 fixed pay lines and a total of 10 betting options, making this game a popular choice among low and high rollers. This slot is also available in free play mode; download mode and instant, HTML mode. Most technological devices on the market support the game’s software, with graphics and gameplay rendering perfectly every time. With Genies Treasures online slot machine suitable for online play 24 hours a day, whether at home or on the move, players can log on and spin the reels at anytime, anywhere, allowing them to be glued to their screen constantly.

As one of the leaders of online slots, Amaya Games developer really took the time and effort, skills and creative mind set, to create a slot that would appeal to slot players of all kinds. This game can be found and enjoyed at many reputable online casino sites.

Amaya Games Geckos Gone Wild HTML5

Downloadable Version Adapted To Geckos Gone Wild HTML5

What makes an original, downloadable slot game different to the HTML5 or instant version? Well, nothing really besides the way in which a player plays it. Downloadable slot titles, featured in all their full and robust glory, take longer to download onto the player’s device and is stored for future use on the device, while an HTML version is played there and then, in instant mode.

Offered in a HTML version, this non-downloadable slot title does not feature the full bells and whistles offered in the downloadable game, but pretty much keeps in line with the original theme and displays pretty much the same symbols, graphics, sounds and pay-outs but in a lesser, more down-sized fashion.

Fortunately, with Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game, developed by Amaya Games, players enjoy equal amounts of slotting fun and receive generally the same frequent wins as in the downloadable version. However, the gaming pleasure and entertainment level is heightened with this HTML version as gameplay is smoother and faster and no time is wasted with long downloads. Players reviewed the original game as being not that mobile friendly, hence why Amaya Games decided to create this HTML masterpiece.

An Easy-To-Read Guide To This Slot

A short guide to Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game would reveal that it boasts five reels, three rows of symbols and 20 pay lines. It is themed around American folklore, more specifically around a statue called Kokopelli, with traditional fruits, letters, a traditional brick oven and red geckos adding to the theme. Players immerse in an enjoyable storyline, as the statue tries its best to get past the main gecko character in the game and attempts to set fire to the gecko’s tail. The colour scheme in with Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game is bursting with vibrant greens and yellows, with the sound effects adding to the entertainment factor.

As it is available in instant play mode, no software or application needs to be downloaded, making it a pleasure to play on any iPhone make, Android Smartphone, any tablet brand or basically any device that uses an iOS or Android operating system. Regarding real money betting, Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game offers a wide betting range of 0.01 to 100 Euros per spin.

What’s Up This Slot’s Sleeve?

So when it comes to fun extras and in-game money boosters, what does Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game have up its virtual sleeve you may ask?  Well, it is similar to its predecessor in many ways when it comes to winning potential and in-game features. This version has free spins of course, followed by a maximum jackpot of a whopping 50 000 coins. And yes, the jackpot is progressive which means it becomes larger over time.

Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game also features more than one wild symbol. Although it does not boast any fun bonus games, it is still rewarding in many ways with multipliers awarded frequently and free spins being retriggered often.

Amaya Games Geckos Gone Wild

Geckos Gone Wild Slot Machine Summary

Developed by Amaya Games, a hot community in the slot arena, Geckos Gone Wild slot machine delivers on all counts, from winning potential to immersive gameplay.  This fresh video slot boasts five reels and 20 pay lines that are fixed. When summarising the betting range, first off it must be noted that this slot is perfect for all types of players – newbies and seasoned pros. Betting limits can easily be adjusted according to a player’s budget, so players can bet anything from 0.01 to 1.00 value coins, with one to 10 coins allowed per pay line.

Why It’s Easy To Immerse In This Online Adventure

Geckos Gone Wild slot machine delivers in its aim to immerse players into its online realm of American folklore and assists them in escaping from their normal lives. As the slot’s name suggests, this slot is centred around geckos; however, the graphics and sound effects improve on the generic and overused theme of reptiles.

So why is Geckos Gone Wild slot machine more than just a theme? Put simply, with its red and blue gecko symbols, realistic cactuses, bags of cash and brick oven icons featured in a detailed manner across brightly coloured reels, this game is an online masterpiece. Helping players immerse further into this virtual realm is the animations of the symbols when winning combinations fall on the reels.

Reasons Why This Is The Perfect Online Slot

The main reason why this is the perfect slot for players seeking fantastic real money play is the large jackpot up for grabs, which ranges from either 5 000 coins to 50 000 coins depending on the bet placed. More reasons that make for slot perfection are the wild symbols, scatter icons, multiple free spins and different multipliers all making for great winning combinations and high pay-outs on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine.

Want To Conquer The Slot Reels, Read This!

If you want to move straight to the slots and ignore the pay table, reading the following should put you in good stead for the correct symbol combinations and nice payouts. To claim 5 000 credits, put your hopes into getting five wild symbols on the reels. To claim those free spins, put all your mental thoughts on the brick oven scatter symbol and hope that it features in multiplies on the reels. Aim for two scatters on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine to claim free spins. Get five scatters on the reels and claim a whopping 60 free spins. To conquer the reels on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine, activate the most pay lines possible and bet on the most coins per pay line for the maximum payout.

HTML5 Version Available

While most slot players enjoy downloadable slots that can be played over and over again on their device after the software is downloaded and safely stored on their device, other players enjoy HTML5 slot versions. Luckily, Geckos Gone Wild slot machine is available in HTML5 version for instant play. No applications or software has to be downloaded.   ­

Triton’s Treasure

Triton’s Treasure Online Slot Game

Triton’s Treasure is an online slot game that was developed by Real Time Gaming. It is a realistic looking online slot themed around the Greek mythological king of the ocean, King Triton. All of the graphics and symbols pertain to the theme.

Triton’s Treasure is a five reel online slot game with three rows and twenty five selectable pay lines. One coin is the standard for each pay line with various values ranging from 0.01 up to 5.00. The maximum bet for each spin is therefore a value of 125 with all twenty five pay lines activated. The reels may be stopped manually by clicking on the stop button and an auto play feature spins the reels for a predetermined number of times.

The online slot game features expanding wilds, scatter symbol pay outs, multipliers, free spins and two progressive jackpots. These are the minor and the major jackpots which are displayed above the reels. Both of the progressive jackpots are randomly won after any spin occurs regardless of the bet size and whether the spin resulted in a win.

Triton’s Treasure Symbols and Pay Outs

The underwater palace is the highest valued symbol on the Triton’s Treasure online slot reels. Two, three, four or five of these symbols will award 3, 33, 333 or 3 333 coins. The underwater shipwreck is the second highest valued symbol that pays out 2, 22, 222 or 2 222 coins for two, three, four or five symbols. The treasure chest and octopus symbols pay out 10, 100 or 500 coins for three to five matching symbols.

The lower valued symbols include a fish, crab and shrimp which pay out 5, 25 or 250 coins and the statue, jar and shells that pay out 5, 15 or 100 coins for three to five matching symbols on a pay line.

Wild Symbol and Scatter Pay Outs

The wild symbol is represented by King Triton himself who will only ever land on the second, third and fourth reels. The wild symbol replaces any of the regular symbols to help form winning combinations and may expand to cover all positions on one reel when it does appear. The wild does not count towards scatter symbol combinations.

The Triton’s Treasure online slot scatter symbol is the mermaid. She pays out 1x, 2x, 10x or 100x the total bet when appearing two, three, four or five times anywhere on the reels. Three, four or five mermaid symbols will also trigger the free spins bonus game feature.

Triton’s Treasure Free Spins Bonus Game

When the mermaid scatter symbols trigger the Triton’s Treasure online slot free spins bonus game feature an initial amount of five free spins and a 1x multiplier is given. Before the bonus game begins one of the mermaid symbols mat be picked to reveal an increase of either five free spins or a 2x increased multiplier.

All free spins are played with the same bet as the triggering spin. If another three, four or five of the mermaid scatter symbols appear on a free spins then the Triton’s Treasure online slot free spins bonus game feature is re-triggered.

Triple Twister

The Triple Twister Online Slot Game

Triple Twister is a cartoon style online slot game that was developed by Real Time Gaming. It is a five reel and three row online slot game with fifty fixed pay lines. This means all pay lines are in play for the duration of the game and the minimum bet will never be less than 0.50. The maximum bet is a value of 250.00 with coin size of 5.00 on each pay line.

The online slot game offers wilds, scatter wins, free spins and more including a progressive jackpot which is won after any win regardless of whether it is a winning spin. There are two progressive jackpots, a mini and a major, both of which are displayed above the reels.

The theme of Triple Twister online slot tells the story of a farmer and his wife in the midst of a twister. The symbols are all themed and depict the couple, their farm yard animals, farming equipment, a barn and more. The farmer and his wife are both equally the highest valued symbols paying out 3 333 coins for five of each on a pay line. With a wild symbol the farmer and his wife pay out 9 999 coins which is the highest fixed jackpot prize.

Special Triple Twister Online Slot Symbols

The symbol displaying the twister is the Triple Twister online slot wild. It is an expanding wild symbol that only ever appears the third reel. When it does it may form winning combinations if possible by acting as a substitute for all of the other symbols including the scatters. All wild symbol wins are multiplied by three.

The Triple Twister online slot scatter symbols are represented by the weather vane symbols. These symbols trigger the free spins bonus round feature and pay out scatter wins when appearing from left to right. Two to five scatter symbols will award 2x to 33x the overall bet.

Free Spins and the Win-Win Feature

At least three scatter symbols on a pay line will trigger the Triple Twister free spins bonus round feature with nine free spins. There are no multipliers present during this feature and all free spins are played with the same triggering bet.

If the wild twister symbol lands on the third reel during this feature it will add additional wild twisters to another one or two reels. These symbols all then multiply any wild wins that are present on multiple reels. The online slot game does however have a win limit of a 50 000x the pay line bet. It is possible to re-trigger the feature by landing another three or more scatter symbols.

At the end of the free spins bonus round feature the win-win feature will kick in if the overall win for the round is less than 10x the triggering bet. A multiplier is awarded which is multiplied by the triggering bet and the less amount won during the round, the higher the multiplier is. 0 to 2x wins will win 8x the bet, 2x to 5x wins will win 3x the bet and 5x to 10x wins will win 2x the bet.

Triple Toucan

Triple Toucan Online Slot Game

Triple Toucan is a Real Time Gaming online slot game with a tropical theme featuring toucans, parrots, tropical flowers and fruit. The online slot game has expanding wilds, free spins, a randomly won progressive jackpot prize and a fixed jackpot of 9 000 coins.

Triple Toucan online slot features five reels, three rows and twenty pay lines on which to place bets of varying values. The coin sizes come in values of 0.01; 0.02; 0.05; 0.25; 0.50; 1.00 and 5.00 as the maximum value per pay line. Up to twenty coins may be placed per spin making the maximum bet a value of 100.00.

The Triple Toucan Wild Symbol

The Triple Toucan wild symbol is represented by the toucan which is only ever seen on reels one, three and five. The toucan wild symbol does not form a winning combination of five in a row but any win including a toucan wild is tripled which is how the 9 000 coin jackpot is won.

The toucan wild symbol is a standard online slot wild symbol that acts as a substitute for the other symbols to help make up winning combinations. The only symbol the toucan wild will not ever replace is a scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol and Free Spins

The symbol displaying mixed tropical fruit is the Triple Toucan online slot scatter symbol. When this symbol appears two, three, four or five times on a single spin an award of 1x, 3x, 15x or 300x the total bet is given.

Three, four or five mixed fruit scatters will also award nine, fifteen or twenty five free spins respectively. While the Triple Toucan real money  slot free spins round is in play all toucan wild symbols appear as expanding wilds and cover all positions on the respective reel before any win is paid out. The free spins round can be re-triggered by landing another three, four or five of the mixed fruit scatter symbols.

The Triple Toucan Pay Table

All symbol combinations are multiplied by the pay line bet and pay out three times more with a wild symbol. The lowest paying symbols are typically the playing card icons. These are adorned with flowers and include the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. Three, four or five of these symbols pay out anything from 5 coins to 200 coins.

The themed Triple Toucan online slot symbols include a coconut, flowers, a frog and a parrot. These symbols can appear only two times on an active pay line where they will award 6 coins to 9 coins. Three, four or five matching coconut and flower symbols award 15 coins, 50 coins or 500 coins respectively while the frogs and parrots are worth higher pay outs.

Three, four or five of the frog symbols landing on an active pay line awards 20 coins, 100 coins or 1 000 coins respectively. Three, four or five of the parrot symbols landing on active pay line will award the highest pay outs of 30 coins, 300 coins or 3 000 coins which, when a wild is present, becomes the top jackpot prize of 9 000 coins.

Treasure Chamber

Treasure Chamber Online Slot Game

Treasure Chamber is a five reel online slot game that features an adventure theme based on a couple of treasure hunters seeking out ancient relics and artefacts. It was developed by Real Time Gaming and features a progressive jackpot that is triggered at any random moment and multiple bonus features.

The Treasure Chamber online slot reels are set in a deep jungle and feature the male and female adventurers, a wild red rose, a golden relic and a green jaguar as the themed symbols. The regular pay outs for these symbols range from 2 coins up to 2 500 coins for two to five matching symbols on an active pay line. The traditional high valued playing card symbols are present and include the nine through ace icons which are the lower valued symbols paying out up to 200 coins.

How to Play Treasure Chamber

The twenty pay lines spread across the five reel and three row grid are selectable and allow only one coin. The coin can however be set at various values ranging from the minimum of 0.01 up to the maximum of 5.00. A minimum bet of 0.01 per spin and a maximum of 100 makes this online slot game accessible for both low and high rollers.

The game features a skill stop function which allows the reels to stop immediately during any spin. There is also an auto play feature which automatically spins the reels multiple times without interruption and they can be set to stop when various occurrences, such as hitting a jackpot, happen.

All Treasure Chamber wins are multiplied by the pay line bet apart from scatter wins and winning combinations on multiple pay lines are paid out. Multiple wins on one pay line will only pay out for the highest valued combination. All combinations run from left to right.

The Wilds and Scatter Symbol Wins

The Treasure Chamber wilds are represented by the male adventurer. He substitutes all symbols apart from the scatters to assist in creating winning combinations. When appearing two, three, four or five times on an active pay line the adventurer will award 10, 200, 2 000 or the jackpot of 10 000 coins respectively.

The wild red rose symbol is the scatter symbol. Three, four or five of them appearing on one spin will award 2x, 15x or 200x the total bet amount. The scatter symbol will also trigger the Treasure Chamber online slot free spins bonus feature.

Free Spins and Shifting Symbol Features

Twenty free spins are awarded when three, four or five of the wild red rose scatter symbols appear on the reels. All winning combinations landing during the free spins are multiplied by three and a minimum of three scatter symbols will re-trigger the feature with another twenty free spins. All free spins are played on the same bet that was placed on the triggering spin.

The Treasure Chamber shifting symbol feature shows special symbols displaying a question mark appearing on the reels. When this happens those particular symbols transform into either the male adventurer, the female adventurer, the rose, the golden relic or the jaguar symbols.

Tigers Treasures

The Tigers Treasures Online Slot

Tigers Treasures is a five reel RTG online slot game with twenty selectable pay lines and multiple features typical of a Real Time Gaming online slot. These include wild symbols, scatter wins, multipliers, free spins and a progressive jackpot.

Up to twenty pay lines may be selected with one coin on each. The value of the coin may however be set at different values including the minimum pay line bet of 0.01; 0.02; 0.03; 0.04; 0.05; 0.06; 0.07; 0.08; 0.09; 0.10; 0.25; 0.50; 1.00; 2.50; 5.00; 10.00 or 25.00. The maximum bet per spin is a value of 500.00 making this online slots Canada game suitable for low and high rollers. There is an auto play which allows the Tigers Treasures reels to spin up to 1 000 times without interruption.

Tigers Treasures Regular Paying Symbols

The Tigers Treasures online slot game is themed around a Chinese jungle and features the tiger as the main character. Various symbols that appear on the reels include a panda bear, a butterfly, a flower, various precious gems, a Chinese logo and the standard nine to ace playing card icons.

The precious gems are the highest valued regular symbols and pay out 5, 100, 750 or 1 500 coins for two, three, four or five symbols appearing on an enabled pay line. The panda bear is the second highest paying out 3, 50, 500 or 1 000 coins for two to five symbols. The flowers and the butterflies both pay out 2, 20, 100 or 500 coins for two to five matching symbols.

The nine and ten symbols pay out 5, 10 or 100 coins for three to five matching symbols while the jacks and queens pay out 5, 20 or 125 coins. The kings and aces pay out 5, 30 or 200 coins.

The Special Wild and Scatter Symbols

Tigers Treasures features both wild and scatter symbols which are represented by the tiger and the Chinese logo respectively. The tiger symbol only appears on reels two and four during the main online slot game and makes an appearance on the third reel during the bonus feature. The wild symbol triples pay outs when appearing in winning combinations.

The Chinese logo scatter symbols trigger the free spins bonus feature and award scatter wins for appearing on the reels. Two, three, four or five Chinese logo scatter symbols pay out 2x, 4x, 10x or 100x the total bet.

Tigers Treasures Free Spins Bonus Feature

A minimum of three Chinese logo scatter symbols landing in a row from left to right or from right to left will trigger the Tigers Treasures online slot free spins bonus feature. Five to twenty five free spins are then awarded, all played on the same pay lines and bets of the spin that triggered the feature.

The tiger symbol shows up on the third reel during this feature to assist in forming winning combinations and may be seen more frequently on the second and fourth reels. If another three, four or five scatter symbols appear in a row on the reels the Tigers Treasures online slot free spins bonus feature is re-triggered.