Amaya Games Geckos Gone Wild

Geckos Gone Wild Slot Machine Summary

Developed by Amaya Games, a hot community in the slot arena, Geckos Gone Wild slot machine delivers on all counts, from winning potential to immersive gameplay.  This fresh video slot boasts five reels and 20 pay lines that are fixed. When summarising the betting range, first off it must be noted that this slot is perfect for all types of players – newbies and seasoned pros. Betting limits can easily be adjusted according to a player’s budget, so players can bet anything from 0.01 to 1.00 value coins, with one to 10 coins allowed per pay line.

Why It’s Easy To Immerse In This Online Adventure

Geckos Gone Wild slot machine delivers in its aim to immerse players into its online realm of American folklore and assists them in escaping from their normal lives. As the slot’s name suggests, this slot is centred around geckos; however, the graphics and sound effects improve on the generic and overused theme of reptiles.

So why is Geckos Gone Wild slot machine more than just a theme? Put simply, with its red and blue gecko symbols, realistic cactuses, bags of cash and brick oven icons featured in a detailed manner across brightly coloured reels, this game is an online masterpiece. Helping players immerse further into this virtual realm is the animations of the symbols when winning combinations fall on the reels.

Reasons Why This Is The Perfect Online Slot

The main reason why this is the perfect slot for players seeking fantastic real money play is the large jackpot up for grabs, which ranges from either 5 000 coins to 50 000 coins depending on the bet placed. More reasons that make for slot perfection are the wild symbols, scatter icons, multiple free spins and different multipliers all making for great winning combinations and high pay-outs on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine.

Want To Conquer The Slot Reels, Read This!

If you want to move straight to the slots and ignore the pay table, reading the following should put you in good stead for the correct symbol combinations and nice payouts. To claim 5 000 credits, put your hopes into getting five wild symbols on the reels. To claim those free spins, put all your mental thoughts on the brick oven scatter symbol and hope that it features in multiplies on the reels. Aim for two scatters on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine to claim free spins. Get five scatters on the reels and claim a whopping 60 free spins. To conquer the reels on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine, activate the most pay lines possible and bet on the most coins per pay line for the maximum payout.

HTML5 Version Available

While most slot players enjoy downloadable slots that can be played over and over again on their device after the software is downloaded and safely stored on their device, other players enjoy HTML5 slot versions. Luckily, Geckos Gone Wild slot machine is available in HTML5 version for instant play. No applications or software has to be downloaded.   ­

Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams Online Slots by NetEnt

Mega Fortune Dreams is the official follow-up to the incredibly successful Mega Fortune online slots game by Net Entertainment. The first game managed to earn players’ loyalty in part thanks to the record-breaking progressive jackpots it had available, but the fact that it combined the chance to win these with first-rate game play is what sealed the deal.

Mega Fortune Dreams delivers the same high-quality online slots action that its precursor did, but bigger jackpots are included as well: the new prize has been designed in a manner which allows it to build up more quickly and pay out more frequently.

Format for Mega Fortune Dreams

Mega Fortune Dreams has a number of additional features available for it, including free spins with built-in multipliers; respins within the base game; and wild icons for bankroll boosts that need to be seen to be believed. No matter whether or not the player manages to take home the jackpot prize, enjoyable play is guaranteed, and the familiar wheel-based game is able to confer fixed cash amounts along with three different jackpot prizes.

The updated graphics and advanced animations Net Entertainment has made available in Mega Fortune Dreams means that it is rapidly reaching the same level of popularity that its forerunner did. It has five reels and 20 paylines available for players, and the reels can be set to spinning from between 0.2 and 80 per spin.

As was the case with the original game, Mega Fortune Dreams has a theme of luxury and opulence that, thanks to the first-rate graphics and animations, will be able to bestow even better game play to those who choose it at the various virtual venues that offer it. The scatter icon for the game is the symbol of a diamond, and this spins whenever a player manages to land it on the reels. Net Entertainment has also added touches like two champagne glasses appearing from the corners of the reels in order to celebrate a player’s win, which adds an element of fun to an already enjoyable experience.

Free Spins for Mega Fortune Dreams

Players will be able to take advantage of a free spins feature when playing Mega Fortune Dreams, which begins with ten free spins and a multiplier of three being awarded. There is also the chance that free spins icons land on the reels which will increase the player’s total of complimentary spins, along with multiplier symbols which will swell winnings by a preset amount.

A bonus feature is activated when three of the bonus wheels appear anywhere on the game’s reels, and the aim is as simple with these as it was in the first game: cash prizes are available by means of it, along with the chance to advance further inside the three interlinked bonus wheels in order to take home one of the three progressive jackpot amounts on offer. The largest payout is within the innermost circle, and it is set to break records as quickly as the first game did, as more players start enjoying the game and the available amount increases in ever-larger increments.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune Online Slots from Net Entertainment

Mega Fortune online slots from Net Entertainment simply exudes ostentation and wealth; it has a free spins feature to offer its players, as well as a bonus game, known as Mega Fortune, which could quite easily make any player who gives the game a run for its money a multi-millionaire. This game is famous for dishing out the biggest online jackpot ever, delivering a win totalling €17.8 million in January of 2013.

Format for Mega Fortune Online Slots

Mega Fortune has five reels spread across 25 paylines and features a progressive jackpot; it is a game created by the world-famous Net Entertainment slots development company. Its theme is a luxurious one, and features icons that include items the wealthy would list as essentials: credit cards; flashy sports cards; and opulent diamond-encrusted watches all make an appearance. The major appeal of this game, however, is the chance of bagging the life-changing Mega Jackpot, and the opportunity to do so is available to players around the world at between 0.25 and 50 per spin.

Bonus Features for Mega Fortune Online Slots

There is a free spins feature available for Mega Fortune online slots casino game, which is activated when players manage to land three or more of the champagne symbols anywhere across his or her reels. Choosing one of these will then allow the player to view the number of free spins and the multiplier which will then be applied to the winnings. The maximum reward available is ten free spins and a multiplier of five, but players are able to retrigger the free spins and can enter the Mega Fortune bonus game as well.

The major drawcard for this online slots game is unquestionably the bonus game, wherein players will be trying to land three of the wheel bonus icons on successive reels, like three; four; and five, for example. Players will be presented with an oversized, showy wheel which holds two wheels within it, and selecting the spin button will set these rotating.

The outermost wheel holds the key to the sure-fire cash prizes and arrows, the latter allowing players to move deeper within the wheel, into the second one. This one contains larger cash prizes and the chance to access the third bonus wheel, and players lucky enough to do so need to focus on the diamond rich arrow, as this will lead them to the jackpot –an amount often exceeding millions of pounds.

Gambling on the Go with Mega Fortune

This mobile slots game offers players the chance to take home one of the biggest jackpots around, and it can be enjoyed from wherever a steady internet connection is possible. Players are not limited to engaging with it only when they can sit down at their desktop or laptop computers, and can simply access the entertainment by means of their Android or iOS smartdevices.

There is no real difference between the mobile and online versions of the game, except for the convenience of portability, and players will be as deeply immersed in the fun when enjoying it on the go as they would be by means of the other platforms available.

Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey Slot Game

Funky Monkey is a Playtech development and the game features a musical monkey.  Playtech is considered as one of the largest software suppliers and trades on the London Stock Exchange. Playtech is known for its safe gaming and is constantly developing new online games for the industry.

Features of the Game

The graphics are colourful and the reels make sounds as they spin.  Funky Monkey is a basic slot game and has 3 reels and 1 payline and does not have any of the usual slot features such as bonus features, scatter and wild symbols or a free spins round.

The Funky Monkey graphics are fun and entertaining.  At the top left of the screen is the Funky Monkey wearing a purple suit with a huge grin holding a bongo drum.  The symbols in this game are the classic bar symbols, bananas, huts, trees, sunglasses and bongo drums.  The highest win will come from the bongo drums followed by the huts.  The sunglasses and bananas are next and then the 3, 2 and 1 Bar followed lastly by any 3 X bar.


The paytable is on the screen for the duration of the game and players see what they are winning throughout the game.  Players can win a maximum of 2500 times their base bet.

Below the reels there are 3 buttons.  The first one is bet one and this button will increase the bet as well as the amount of money to be won.  For players playing at the lowest bet they can win between 10 to 800 times their bet amount.  The middle row of the paytable shows that players will be able to win between 20 and 1600 times the bet.  The first row on the paytable shows the highest amount to be won and ranges from between 30 and 2500 times the bet.  These prizes are considered high for a basic slot game.

Betting Options

The betting range of Funky Monkey starts at 0.05 and goes up to 5.00 for each spin, which means that this slot game will suit everyone’s pocket, especially beginners just starting out.

Play for Free

Funky Monkey is available to play for free at most of the online casinos.  Players can try out the game without having to bet any real money.  When they are ready to play for real money players can click on the cashier button at the bottom of the screen and they can make a deposit.  Players can enjoy all features of the game even when playing for free and familiarise themselves with how the game works.  This also gives players the opportunity to try out different online casinos to see which one offers the best deal and the safest gaming options when it comes to banking.

Funky Monkey is a simple entertaining online slot game and although it does not offer any bonus features it does have some fun elements and the betting range is suitable for all players.  Funky Monkey is a good gaming option when wanting to enjoy a fun slot game with no difficult features or betting strategies.

iPad Boule

iPad Boule

iPad Boule is now available to bring this classic French roulette variant to a wider global audience. It is essentially a simplified form of standard roulette. The trade off for the simplified game style is a higher house edge. It is played with a roulette style wheel and numbered pockets that are coloured with red, yellow and black pockets. It can be played for free online with real or free money.

The Rules Of iPad Boule

In iPad Boule, just like in standard roulette, players place wagers on a game mat divided into grids that contain all the possible wagers. A ball is spin along a spinning roulette wheel. If the ball lands in a pocket that was wagered on, players win a payout. Wagers can be placed on specific number, or groups of numbers like odd numbers or even numbers.

Players can also wager on groups of numbers by wagering on their specific colours, for instance red or yellow numbers. Wagers can also be placed on consecutive number or high and low numbers. The main difference between iPad Boule and standard roulette is that only the numbers 1 to 9 appear on the wheel, but four times. Another difference is that the yellow 5 acts like the zero or double zero in the European and American roulette games. This is where the house edge increases, since the 5 also appears 4 times like the other numbers.

Where To Play iPad Boule

When choosing a site to play iPad Boule on, players should first and foremost look for sites that have a good name online and offer reputable software. The site should also offer players a list of reputable e payment options in order to safely make cash deposits and withdrawals when they decide to make use of real money wagering. Reputable e payment services include Skrill, PaySafe, uKash and PayPal.

Wagering Real Cash On iPad Boule

iPad Boule becomes a lot more fun when real money wagering is involved. Always do the necessary research before creating a player account at a site and starting real money wagering. Your chosen site should always carry a certification from a recognised gaming authority. The site should also offer customer support and ideally instant chat functionality so that problems can be reported immediately. It is never fun dealing with money issues at online sites and being able to call, email and instant message makes these difficult experiences a lot more pleasant.

Playing iPad Boule On The Go

iPad Boule is the ideal game to play on the go. Compared to standard roulette, it is a lot simpler to understand and therefore wager. The iPad display always look great and the simple and colourful graphics of iPad Boule really pop on the screen. Real money wagering takes mobile play to the next level, adding all the fun and excitement that you will encounter at a real world casino, but in the comfort of your home, or during a lunch break at the office. If you are tired of standard roulette and want a fresh but familiar casino experience, iPad Boule is the game for you. It is available online now for free and you can try it out using free money wagers. Once you are used to the game style, you can start playing for real money.

free slot games

Free Slot Games

With the rise of online casinos, free slot games can be found everywhere online. Free slot games can be played with real or free money. A good free slot game site should have its slot games audited by a third party firm to ensure that the slot game software is truly fair and random. To do this, the firm would test the software’s Random Number Generator. This is the programming of the software that determines the spin of the slot reels. It should be completely random to simulate a real slot machine’s spins.

Free Slot Games Compared to Real slots

Video slot games that you find in brick and mortar casinos have a lot in common with free slot games found online. Both are digital so the graphics, sound and special features are very good. Free slot games online though can often be a lot more creative and colourful since they are cheaper to make and distribute. There are also a lot more companies making free slot games than there are making video slots or mechanical slots. Free slot games have all the features and more of video slots.

Desktop And Mobile Free Slot Games

Free slot games Australia can be played either on your desktop PC or on your chosen mobile device, including iPhone, iPad, Windows phones and Android phone. The biggest difference between the two is of course in the graphics. Even though the games may be exact ports, there are of course big graphical differences since playing on a mobile device will decrease the resolution of the graphics. Some players also prefer playing with a computer mouse, rather than using a touch screen. It all comes down to personal player preference.

Free slot games are actually ideal for mobile play, compared to other casino games, due to the simple setup of the screen and the one click game play. Free Slot sites will however allow players to not be limited to a single device. Once you have setup your player account at a free slot games site, you can switch between your mobile or desktop device. Please note that there is certain free slot games that are not compatible with mobile devices due to the differing operating systems used on different devices. Always check the site to confirm, if your chosen game is available for mobile play

Real Money Free Slot Games

Most free slot game sites offer both real and free money play. Free money play is for casual players who do not wish to use real money to wager. If players have tried the free slot games out and wish to add a bit more excitement, they can choose to register on their chosen free slot game site and create a real money account. Players can now wager real money in the free slot games and potential win big. Your chosen free slot games site should offer you a variety of ways to make deposits into your account and to withdraw your winnings. They should also offer your payouts in a short amount of time. There is nothing worse than hitting it big in a free slot game, then having to wait weeks for your money.

Bingo Rama

Bingo Rama Bingo Hall In Jackson

Bingo Rama is a bingo hall located at 2460 Terry Road, Jackson, Mississippi. It is in the Jackson Square Promenade. It is currently managed by Rena McWade and their offices can be contacted by telephone or fax.

Bingo Rama Operating Hours

Bingo Rama operates from a 14467 square foot premises 5 days a week. They are only closed on Thursdays and Saturdays. Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays they operate between 2pm and 10 pm. Fridays they operate bingo games between 10 pm and 3 am.  Sundays they host games from 6pm till 10 pm. They are closed on the following public holidays: Christmas Eve and Christmas day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Easter weekend, Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

The Bingo Rama Bingo Night

Bingo Rama offers up to $7500 in cash and prizes at each Bingo Rama session. They offer both electronic bingo using bingo pads as well as traditional paper bingo mats that are dabbed with ink to mark the bingo numbers called out. Customers can also purchase pull tabs on offer. There are 50 c and $1 pull tabs available for sale that offers prizes of up to $500. Bingo Rama also offers a concession stand where fresh food and drinks can be purchased as well as snacks.

The Bingo Rama Social Program

Bingo Rama donates to the Mississippi Court Advocacy & Justice Institute.  This institute provides funds as well as coordination and planning to the Mississippi Youth Court Guardian for Justice program. This program assists with care and advice for sexually and physically abused as well as neglected children in various youth programs. They also investigate cases, as directed by the Youth Court Judge in order to advise and advocate for the children’s best interests.

Bingo Games Available At Bingo Rama

Bingo Rama offers 75 ball bingo, which is the most popular bingo variation in North America. Players can purchase a bingo card divided into a 5 x 5 grid. The letters B, I, N, G, and O appear at the top of the card. These letters correspond with a column of 5 squares that indicate the bingo numbers. Bingo Rama offers a variety of patterns players can make to win prizes. These patterns can vary between a simple straight line, a square or diagonal lines. The electronic bingo pads used at Bingo Rama can be configured to a variety of setting in order to play other popular bingo variants.

The other variations on bingo that are played across the world use slight rule variations. In the UK, Australia and South America they play a 90 ball bingo variant. The bingo cards that are used to mark down the bingo numbers are 9 x 3 cards. Bingo Games can also be played with 30 balls for a quick game of speed bingo. In this variant the bingo cards are arranged in a 3 x 3 grid. In this game the object is to fill the entire nine block card in order to get a bingo. There is also an 80 ball version of Bingo. It uses bingo cards in a 4×4 grid but the rules remain similar to 75 ball Bingo.

Treasure Island Jackpots

Treasure Island Jackpots Online Casino Review

Treasure Island Jackpots is a fun and inviting online casino with pirate theme. Established in 2012, the casino is fully licenced and is regulated by the Curacao eGaming Authority. The casino welcomes players from all over the globe and is available in English as well as French.

Players can transact in US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds sterling and Australian dollars. When players logon to the main casino website, they will be welcomed by bright, cartoon-style graphics of a tropical island filled with treasure. The main page features all the latest slot games with simple links to the banking section, list of games, casino bonuses and customer support.

Download and Mobile Platforms

Treasure Island Jackpots New Zealand mobile casino is powered by Saucify casino software. Formally known as BetOnSoft, the world class casino software can be downloaded and installed on all leading PC and Mac computers. The casino is one of the few online casinos that pushes the use of the full download and subsequently does not offer an instant play or no download option. This means that all of the games are avalibe through the downloadable software only. The casino does however offer a fully functional mobile casino. Players can access and play all the latest slots and games on all leading smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

Table Games, Slots and More

When it comes to games, Treasure Island Jackpots online casino offers a wide range of high quality slots and casino games to suit just about every player. Their range of slots includes classic slot games, fruit slots, progressive slots as well as high quality video slot games. In addition, the casino also offers a comprehensive range of table and card games including table poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette, video poker, as well as instant play games and scratch card games. All of the games available for download and on the mobile platform can be played for free or for real money.


Treasure Island Casino Bonuses

Treasure Island Jackpots online casino is well known for offering some of the best casino bonuses in the business. First time depositors will be rewarded with an exclusive 100% 1st Deposit Bonus up to a maximum of $1,000. To qualify for the bonus, players must make a minimum initial deposit of $20 and use the bonus code: TJ100MS25. The wager requirement for the welcome bonus is 45X on all slots and casino games at the casino. For all their regular and VIP members, the casino also offers ongoing weekly and monthly promotions where players can win free spins and bonus prizes.

Security and Banking

All of the slots and casino games at Treasure Island Jackpots online casino can be played for free or for real money at any time. For those players that do want to play for real money, the casino offers a complete range of secure and convenient banking options to choose from. Players can easily fund or top up their casino account by local bank transfer, by credit card payment, by debit card payment or by using any one of the casino accredited web-wallet payment facilities. The casino runs state of the art encryption technology to ensure that all online transactions are 100% secure at all times.

Spartan Slots Casino

Spartan Slots Casino Has Plenty to Offer

Spartan Slots Casino is an online casino that presents their casino games in a novel Ancient Greek environment. The Spartan Slots Casino site is powered by TopGame software platform and managed by the Deckmedia group. This casino and the games are accessible solely via downloading the casino software, although this can be conducted on most computers and smart mobile devices. Spartan Slots Casino is licensed to operate by the Government of Curacao. Players from most countries, including the USA, are welcome to play, although Moldova, Israel, Ukraine, and Romania are restricted.

Many Games at this Styled Casino

Spartan Slots Casino has followed the New Zealand online pokies trend that is abeyance to the slot machine. Like most casinos, the bulk of the games at Spartan Slots Casino are slots games. This incredibly popular casino game genre is very well presented at Spartan Slots Casino, and the range, or choice of game variety is properly vast. This ranges from the action-laden five-reel video slots with multiple bonus features to the classic and traditionally simple three-reel slots that have the same generous return to player, and everything in between.

Spartan Slots Casino also has a significant selection of casino table games. The full range of casino games, as would be found in land-based casinos are available at this online venue. The games include several varieties of blackjack, roulette, baccarat and keno, with multiple playing options. There are also numerous high quality video poker games that players can choose from, with the standard games such as Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild readily present.


Bonuses on Offer Here

Like all online casinos need to do, Spartan Slots Casino also provides some highly rewarding bonuses to attract and retain players. One such attractive bonus is their exclusive bonus, which is a very welcoming first deposit bonus of 400% of the deposit amount, up to a total of $400. There is no bonus code required when making the deposit, the only requirement being a minimum deposit of $20. The wagering requirements too, are generously slanted with a low level of 25x play through needing to be accomplished before withdrawals are allowed.

Customer Support and Security

Spartan Slots Casino provides their players with readily available 24/7 customer support. This is pretty much the standard requirement at most reputable online casino facilities these days. Again, as is expected of the better sites, Spartan Slots Casino utilises a live chat service very effectively for instant communication through either the casino software or directly via the Spartan Slots website. If required, the casino can be contacted directly by email, and all players need do is go to the contact page and select the appropriate email address.

Security is a due concern at Spartan Slots Casino, who use top class 128-bit SSL encryption to protect all data, both financial and personal, properly. Spartan Slots Casino has a genuine privacy policy preventing information from being used by third parties. The TopGame software platform powering Spartan Slots Casino is audited for fairness by independent agencies, and players can request information about their play logs at any time in order to engender a real feeling of safety and security.

Slots Magic Casino

The Revamped Slots Magic Casino

Formerly known as Jackpot Party, Slots Magic Casino underwent a name change in 2014. The site went from only offering WMS games. The site now features games from three more top developers, Amaya, NextGen and SkillOnNet. Slots Magic Casino supports 20 languages, slots, video poker and a selection of table games. There are also live dealer games where you will be able to interact with a real dealer via live video streaming.

Players can look forward to huge progressive jackpots and a 100% 1st Deposit Bonus. Slots Magic Casino is licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority and receives audits on its software from iTech Labs. It is also licence by the UK Gambling Commission. The site is secure SSL encryption means that your personal data will be protected when you sign up for real money wagering. Many of the games on offer supports mobile gaming through in browser play or free download. Unfortunately, Slots Magic Casino is not available to players in the US, Turkey, Israel, France and Cyprus.

Up To € 1000 In Bonuses

When new players sign up, Slots Magic Casino will offer them a 100% 1st Deposit Bonus. They will match player’s deposits up to a maximum of € 1000. Slots Magic essentially doubles your available wager amount to use on their huge library of games. In order to take advantage of this offer you will need to quote the Bonus Code: SLOTSMAGIC1. Players will also need to make a minimum deposit of €20. For example, if you make the minimum deposit, the site will match the deposit with another €20, giving players €40 to wager with. You will however need to meet a wager requirement of 30X your initial deposit before you can make withdrawals of your winnings.


VIP Rewards And Customer Service

If players have any queries, concerns or any issues to report, Slots Magic offers a great customer service experience, either telephonically with their free hotline service available to players in the UK, or via mail or live chat services available via the Slots Magic Casino site. If you join the VIP rewards program, you will have access to exclusive customer service options and a rewards program.

Slots Magic Casino Software

The software available at Slots Magic Casino has been tested and certified as fair by third party audits, The Random Number Generator software assures players of fair play. As the site name suggests, slots make up the majority of the titles available for play on the site, with over 300 titles from many top developers. There is also a great selection of other casino games like Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Video Poker and of course live dealer streaming on Roulette, Baccarat and Black Jack

Making Payments And Withdrawing Cash

When players are ready to take part in Slots Magic Casino’s 100% 1st Deposit Bonus, you make payments and eventual withdrawals simple, quickly and securely. There is a huge list of supported online transaction services to take advantage of. Slots Magic has a monthly withdraw limit of £10,000. To reach this withdraw limit you can use Visa and Maestro credit cards, Skrill, clickandbuy, Neteller and a variety of other e-Wallet services. The withdrawal times vary from service to service with most taking between one and seven days, once the withdrawal has been processed by Slots Magic Casino.