Reliable Online Bookmakers for Cricket Betting

The centuries-old game of cricket is a popular sport in many parts of the world. It sees local and international matches and tournaments played, attracts millions of dollars in bets annually, and occasionally causes sports fans to riot in the streets.

With the internet having become all the more accessible to billions of people, more and more punters want to bet on their favourite sport online. Doing so does have its advantages, but punters need to be aware that there are some bookmakers that cannot be trusted.

Punters do not need to find a reliable bookmaker through trial and potentially costly error. As long as punters know what the signs of a trustworthy bookmaker are, they can identify the ones at which they can bet with confidence.

Markets for Online Cricket Betting

Cricket is a truly international sport. It is most popular in Britain and the former colonies, but is certainly not limited to them.

Countries known to excel in the sport include the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the West Indies. This means that there is a great number of IPL cricket betting sites available.

When looking for a reliable online bookmaker, punters should always check that they are not being short-changed as far as the number of cricket markets is concerned.

In addition to a variety of markets, punters should also be offered a range of bet types. They should be able to find outright bets, prop bets, and even live betting.

Bet types such as these let punters bet on matches to end in draws, or to bet on a team to win a match or tournament. They also let punters bet on the run total of a test match, on the team to win the coin toss that determines who bats first, on the correct score of a series, on the team to score the most sixes, and to bet on a game as it unfolds.

Betting Real Money Online

As real money is obviously involved in online cricket betting, punters need to exercise caution, and should not sign up and make deposits if they don’t know whether a bookmaker is reliable.

The easiest way to check whether or not a bookmaker’s banking service can be trusted is to check the site’s Banking, About Us, or FAQ page. At least one of those should indicate whether the banking service uses SSL data encryption to keep punters’ personal and banking details secure.

Punters should also check that they have access to at least one deposit method and to one withdrawal method, as not all deposit methods can be used to make withdrawals. The methods most commonly accepted by online bookmakers include e-wallets, prepaid cards, credit cards, and direct banking.

Other Ways to Check Trustworthiness

In addition to what has been mentioned above, punters looking for a bookmaker at which they can enjoy online cricket betting should also ensure the bookmaker has a valid license. Betting licenses are issued by governmental betting or gambling authorities.

If punters are still in doubt, they can check sports betting review websites and online forums in which punters discuss the virtues or vices of various bookmakers.


Boardercross Betting

Competitions are often the best times for bettors to start betting online, and there are few competitions quite as thrilling and fast-paced as boardercross. Boardercross is a professional competition of snowboarders, often in teams, in which the teams will race down a set course in an attempt to get the fastest time on the board. Not only is this a sport of speed, but also of style, where participants can perform different types of stunts as they make their way down the course.

Different boardercross competitions have different rules, and as such, some teams may win by earning stunt points, and some by completing a course before a certain time. Courses are laid out with flags, starting at a certain altitude and working down the mountain to a finish line. This is similar to the courses used by professional skiers, and many view boardercross as a mix between skiing and motocross.

Betting on Boardercross

Modern boardercross is often considered one of the best sports to bet on, as its fast-paced and thrilling nature means bets can go either way, which some bettors will find exciting. Boardercross events are held all over the world, but the majority tend to be located in northern and mid Europe, on some of the more famous snowboarding courses are found.

Bets can be made on both the teams or on individual snowboarders, and it is also possible to make bets on completion time or stunt award bonuses. The growth of online bookmakers has made it easier than ever for bettors to find current and live games, with emphasis on brining the action to bettors in real time, as well as a thriving odds market that bettors can follow throughout the year.

The History of Boardercross

The first concept of competitive snowboarding started as an extreme TV show for the Fox network.  Steven Rechtschaffner and Greg Stump were the two men that first created the idea of boardercross. After the success of some organised events, the men approached the Fox network and pitched the idea of having a professional snowboarding competition, which would be televised in North America. The show was put together, and snowboarders would compete against each other for prizes.

After the show had aired for the first time, it had become extremely popular, and gained fame throughout the world. This caused a ripple effect, and more people around the world became interested in boardercross. In 2006, about a decade after it was first conceptualised, boardercross was officially named an Olympic sport, and has been a popular addition to the Olympics ever since and is a favourite at racing betting sites.

Boardercross at The Olympics

The Olympics is the biggest sporting event in the world, and therefore any sport included in the Olympics will become popular worldwide. This is the case with boardercross, as the sport has grown massively in popularity within the last ten years since its début at the 2006 Olympics. This makes it one of the best games to bet on, as there are now dozens of bookmakers around the world that offer odds on the sport, especially during the Olympics, where sports receive the most coverage.

Bloodlines in racing

 Bloodlines In Racing

Australian thoroughbred bloodlines can be traced back to the first two or three stallions that were imported onto the continent from both Europe and America. Of course, these lines don’t play a part in racing performance today as they are way too far back in the past to have any effect. Current bloodlines do play a part, however, and placing a wager on a horse should be done with all knowledge in hand, including its pedigree and whether said pedigree has produced any winners.

Common Lines

There are a few common lines in Australian thoroughbreds that seem to produce winner after winner. Bearing in mind that stallions can have up to 100 foals a year, while mares can only breed one foal a season, it is obvious that the stallion lines will be better known. Also, as there are often so many foals by one stallion, checking the ratio of winners to mediocre horses is worth your time. Two well-known winners out of say 50 foals do not mean that the pedigree is necessarily successful.

Checking these statistics is not a difficult thing to do. There are many websites available for punters and pretty much any one else who wishes to check the pedigree of a thoroughbred. In the smaller races the sires and dams of the runners are not usually mentioned, only the actual horse’s name. This means that a bit of sleuthing work is needed to have a look at the horse’s pedigree.

Big Races Versus Small Races

Of course, the big, important races rely much less on bloodlines than the smaller ones. The horses in the Melbourne Cup or Cox Plate are proven athletes with many wins and a lot of prize money already in the bank. Their bloodlines can be interesting to look at, simply because it may give some information on an already existing line, or show potential for an unknown one.

Smaller horse betting races are where the proverbial wheat is separated from the chaff. These races, especially the maiden plates for two year olds, showcase young horses from all sorts of bloodlines. Often it is here that placing a wager on a horse with well-known parentage will be more beneficial than placing a wager on a totally unknown line or youngster. For example, Black Caviar’s first foal is due to start running this year. Placing a wager on her is a pretty good bet because of her mother’s proven performance. It is not guaranteed that she is going to be a super mare like her dam, but the chances are high that she will run well, and be a successful racehorse.

Dams and Sires

Until recently it was believed that foals get most of their talent and genetic makeup from their father or sire. That train of thought has changed, however, with most breeders agreeing that it is actually a 75% 25% split in favour of the dam. Sires are of course important, and due to their being more foals from a sire line than a dam line, there are more statistics to judge the quality of the horse as a breeding animal.

Real Online Casino

What Make a Real Online Casino?

Real online casino sites are sites where you play for real money, just as you would at a land based casino.  There are many casino sites where you can play for fun, with no money, and most of the great online casino sites offer these options which are great if you just want have some fun, or practice on a game you want to put money on later.

But for the full and real online casino experience and a chance to win money, you will obviously want to play REAL casino games, with real money and real winnings.  And there are so many of these casino websites available to Canadian players these days.  They generally are internationally based, but regulated in their own countries, and there are super online casino review sites which will help you decide which ones are the most trustworthy sites for you to play casino games on.

Welcome Bonuses In Real Online Casinos

As there is so much competition with real online casinos, you as the potential customer, are in a very strong position for choosing the best casino for you.  Look for websites that allow you to transact in Canadian Dollars, this will save you a small fortune in foreign exchange fees when cashing out your winnings or depositing more money for playing with into your online account.

Make sure that if you are French Canadian, that French is a support language available to you 24/7 from the real money slots casino sites’ customer services department. But the best thing with signing up is that there are welcome bonuses that are specific to Canadian players, and these can be really worthwhile.  Often what the real online casino sites offer is to match the deposit that you put up for playing with.

This can run into figures like CAD$1000 – CAD$1500 on some of the websites. That gives you real money to play with, and often there are additional free spins when you sign up, and you keep all of your winnings in real money with your bonus welcome spins and coupons.

What Are The Best Games For Winning?

When playing at a real online casino, the odds for playing slots are the most stacked against you, whereas the table games give you the highest chances of winning.  Here we list the three best games for playing to win.

Blackjack – This game gives you the best odds of a win in every real online casino, as well as the land based ones. The house edge is only around 1%, sometimes as low as 0.13%.  Playing against the dealer makes it much easier to win, and furthermore it is one of the biggest paying out online casino games out there.

Craps – This dice game offers the second best casino odds to players, with the house edge being only around 1.2%, but sometimes as low as 0.60%. It is a fairly complex game, but playing on the ‘pass line’ ensures that almost all of the Canadian players, even beginners can win something from their play.

Roulette – Roulette is easy to play on your favourite real online casino, and the house edge is roughly 2.7% for single zeros, and 5.26% for double zeros. Just pick your number and wait for the dealer to spin the ball!

play online casino

Discovering Canada’s Ways to Play Online Casino Games

Casino action found online holds a lot of the same offers that the offline version tend to do, only with the internet the punters from around the world can find similar sorts of possibilities. This definitely allows for a widening of the available options for all players involved. When it comes to the players of Canada there is possible even more options to play online casino games than most and should therefore venture around the web in search of these offers.

Taking a look at the various options around offers to play online casino games for the players of Canada requires a rather wide scope, to accommodate the necessary aspects. The primary focus of course remains the fact that punters want to engage with these casino options and therefore how best to approach these aspects specifically. For the players this means taking a rather objective view of the setting of casino gaming and the aspects that are regarded as more important in today’s environment.

How to Play Online Casino Games

The Internet can still be a large and rather intimidating place for some, especially when they are searching around for things to do online itself. New tasks implemented on the internet are only intimidating if the players involved aren’t fully aware of the steps to take. With regards to Canada’s players and the option to play online casino these steps are rather apparent once the ball gets rolling so to speak. This means that the players involved can quite quickly get the idea behind casinos found online. This is aided by the fact that these options are vying for attention themselves and so offer the players easy to understand and engage with systems and user interfaces.

Online Casino Gaming Options

The point here is that the players want to get into the action and start playing these casino offers as soon as they can, requiring the information that gets this process off the ground. Things to look out for then include aspects around the security and openness of the online offers that the players from mobile slots casino Canada encounter. Beyond these there are the various gaming options to encounter when players play online casino as well as the environment they encounter through the internet. For the most part the top casinos online do offer the punters a good medley of these options as well as present them in a unique and inviting way. The aim for most of these ventures is a sense of cooperation between players and the casinos available.

Learning the Next Part of the Approach

When approaching the various ways to play online casino for the players of Canada there are of course the variety of personal preferences to take into account. This is why a good number of the more established casinos across the internet offer ranges of different options, including games and banking, in order to allow the players involved to stretch their legs a little and experience these offers to their fullest. This can be a rather rewarding expedition to then go off and encounter, learning along the way which aspects the plyers want to keep around.

Wildcat Canyon

NextGen Gaming Welcomes Players to Wildcat Canyon Online Slots

Players are welcomed to Wildcat Canyon online slots by Next Generation Gaming, but the experience is not a happy one to start off with: the feral feline has finished off the food supply, leaving only beastly buzzards; grim goats; and sly snakes for him to feast on in this fun five-reel game.

This state of affairs relates to the player’s task for the game: he or she must save the remaining animals and round up the wildcat so that the people who have been forced to vacate the area can return. Luckily, their gratitude will fill the pockets of the player who manages to do the job, and big bankroll boosts are the order of the day for those who dedicate themselves to this task.

Great Graphics for Wildcat Canyon Online Slots by NextGen

Players need to remain strong in their resolve to boost their bankrolls because the star of the Wildcat Canyon online slots show is known to prey on the weak, and his prowling around can have a perilous effect on the outcome of their play. The Wildcat Canyon online slots population is a dismal zero, until players who have the power to fight the feline appear, and start gathering up the rewards available for doing so.

The kitty has been clawing at the town’s signs, and there are a number of scratched-up symbols of letters and numbers for players to try to locate. Those who manage to gather up between three and five of the ace; king; queen; jack; ten or nine icons will be rewarded with between five and 250 times their stake, and five cacti or snake symbols will up this multiplication a fantastic 500. Five goats will give the player 1 000 times his or her wager, and the beady-eyed buzzards skyrocket this up to an eye-watering 5 000 using the symbols seen often in mobile blackjack games.

Players tracing the trail of the cat giving Wildcat Canyon its name who manage to isolate between two and five of the scatter pawprint icons will be richly rewarded with between two and 200 times their stakes, and three of these will activate the free games feature players are invited to enjoy when playing Wildcat Canyon.

Free Games Feature for Wildcat Canyon Online Slots Players

Players enjoying Wildcat Canyon online slots have a choice to make when it comes to the free games feature provided:

  • 15 free games with all of the winnings gathered by means of these tripled
  • Ten free games with all of the winnings multiplied by five
  • Five free games with all winnings subject to a multiplier of ten

Once the furry antihero has been located, the wildcat wild can also appear on the second and fourth reels of this online slots game. When he chooses to do so, he is able to stand in for all of the other icons in play, and the respins may also become active during the free games feature. All of the wildcat symbols will remain fixed in place when this occurs and hold while the remaining reels are respun.

Wild Blood

Vampiric Online Slots Action with Play’n Go’s Wild Blood

There are generally two variations for online slots machine games which have a vampire theme: they are either meant to be a humorous take on these types of legends or are darker, more brooding interpretations of the myths, akin to the interpretations of films like Twilight. Wild Blood online slots, from Play’n Go developers, falls very firmly into the latter category, and there are a number of sinister characters rendered for the symbols in use, with these set against an atmosphere of gloom and shadow.

There are several interesting features that have been added to lighten things up, however, and these include an expanding wild; free spins feature; and a potentially profitable Pick ‘Em game that are all based on the sturdy system Play’n Go software makes use of.

Composition of Wild Blood Online Slots by Play’n Go

Players may well notice the audio effects before they take the graphics into account when they start enjoying a game of Wild Blood online slots –the most noteworthy one of these being the heartbeat that continues to pulsate in the background as play unfolds, varying in volume and intensity. Splashing noises resound when the vials of blood symbols land, and this type of attention to detail is what is drawing players in in droves to take these reels for a spin. The graphics are dark and excellently rendered, and the characters peopling the game are not simply carbon copies of those made famous by popular films. Play’n Go has even gone so far as to reinterpret the playing card icons in order to have them fit in with this menacing theme, and the result is a blood-smeared, brooding one that vampire fans around the world will enjoy.

Wild Blood has two chief bonus games available for its players: a free spins feature which allows for respins and an expanded wild; and a Pick ‘Em type game wherein players will be asked to make a selection from vials of blood in order to have the coin amounts they conceal revealed.

Setup and Gameplay for Wild Blood Online Slots

Wild Blood makes use of Play’n Go’s standard 15-payline setup, and players will have three choices to make before the game begins:

  1. The number of lines he or she wishes to have active during Wild Blood play
  2. The value of the coins he or she will be laying as wagers on each of these paylines
  3. The number of coins that will be bet on every line

The coin value options range from 0.01 to 0.25, and so the minimum and maximum bets possible are 0.15 and 18.75 with all 15 paylines active. Autoplay options are available for players who prefer them, and a gamble feature becomes active after each win the player manages to incur.

The top paying icon for Wild Blood is also the wild symbol, and is represented by a dark-haired male vampire. The prize for landing five of these creatures is 2 500 coins, and four will net players 500. This wild is also able to stand in for all of the other icons in use except the bonus and scatter, and is able to expand to cover all three rows if players manage to land it on the game’s middle reel.

Wild Birthday Blast

Player’s Party with 2by2’s Wild Birthday Blast Online Slots

There is always a reason to party when it comes to good online slots machine, and 2by2 Gaming takes this fact for its theme for its Wild Birthday Blast online offering. A host of different animals are all ready to celebrate right alongside the player, and the idiosyncratic design this developer has decided on will have players opening up gifts of great jackpot prizes whenever they sit down, or stand up, to start enjoying it with their furry friends.

Format for Wild Birthday Blast from 2by2 Gaming

Wild Birthday Blast has five reels and 30 paylines available for players, and it takes place in a room that has obviously been redecorated in order to host a party. Balloons and streamers fill the screen, and the animals who got invited are intent on having fun: toucans tear the place up; giraffes get groovy; bears bring the ballyhoo and an elephant electrifies the surroundings. Joining these critters is the standard playing card symbols of ten; jack; queen; king; and ace, and these make up the lower value icons for play.

Special symbols for Wild Birthday Blast online slots play include a wild, an icon labelled as such, and a scatter symbol named free spins bonus, an applicable moniker since that is what it is able to grant. There is also the symbol of a gift box available, and this is the key to the bonus game provided.

Bonus Features for Wild Birthday Blast

2by2 Gaming’s Wild Birthday Blast online slots game has a bonus game available for its players to enjoy, and this is linked to the gift box icon that is able to appear as stacked on all of the game’s reels. When the dust settles, and the reels halt with a gift box displayed on one or more of them, all of these will transform into the same symbol –lucky players will have these match up with those already present on the reels in order to create a winning combination where previously there was none.

Free spins bonus scatters will reward players with complimentary rounds whenever a minimum of three land on the reels:

  • Three scatter symbols will award the player with ten free spins
  • Four scatter icons will reward the player with 15 free spins
  • Five scatter symbols will gift the player 20 free spins

Any wins the player manages to incur during this portion of Wild Birthday Blast online slots play will be doubled, and the free spins may be retriggered whenever more of the scatter symbols land on the player’s reels.

Wild Birthday Blast online pokies also has a randomly awarded Surprise Party bonus game available for its players, and, when this is activated, the player will be whisked away to a new screen, on which 20 doors will be displayed. All that is required is that the player choose one of these in order to reveal the party guest hidden behind it, and the prize that guest is able to award will be made known as well. Some doors are concealing more than one guest, and these are able to offer players higher monetary rewards as a result.

White King

Royal Treatment with Playtech’s White King Online Slots

White King is an online slots machine game from Playtech developers that can be played from as little as 0.4 per spin. The game has a regal, imposing feel to it, as befits the name these developers have assigned it, and it caters primarily to players who are looking for big wins: it is classified as a high variance online slots game, which translates into the fact that, although wins occur less frequently, they are enormous when they eventually do.

Players will be making use of stacked wilds in both the White King base game and the free spins feature provided, and the latter is able to provide an unending amount of complimentary spins for every group of three scatter symbols which appear. This fact means that the free spins feature can potentially rack up very big money wins in an extremely short period of time, and players may well be able to take home that life-changing win from this one portion of play alone.

Format for White King Online Slots by Playtech

White King online slots is comprised of five reels and 40 paylines, and the bet range starts at 0.4 and extends up to a whopping 2 000 per spin. The graphics are first-rate, and the game employs a turbo mode feature, which means that players can set the reels to revolving very rapidly. This is a great feature for experienced slots players who like their action speeded up, and heightens the adrenaline rush that all of the best online slots game provide.

The wild symbol for White King online slots by Playtech is that of an albino lion, and this able to appear stacked, which means very big wins can be collected as a result of his appearance on the reels. The other important icon is the scatter, represented by the logo for the game, and players who manage to land three of these on the second; third; and fourth reels will trigger the Majestic Night free games feature.

Special Features for White Kings Online Slot by Playtech

Players will be rewarded with five free spins when the Majestic Nights free games feature begins, but each time three of the White King symbols land while this feature is being played a further five spins will be added. This process can continue ad infinitum, and, thanks to the stacked wilds the feature is able to provide players with, can result in beneficial boosts to bankrolls that have to be seen to be believed.

Where to Play White King Online Slot by Playtech

Players who wish to check White King online slots out for themselves will have a good variety of online casinos at which to do so at, since this developer’s software is supported by very many. There will be options for both download and instant play versions of the game, and players could even make use of their welcome bonus to experience the fun at some.

This five-reel, 40-payline online video slot has a maximum coin amount of 40 in place for play, and the top jackpot available is 1 000 of these.

White Buffalo

Wildlife Themed Online Slots with Microgaming’s White Buffalo

The white buffalo is an extraordinarily rare breed of American bison, and has long been considered sacred by certain Native American tribes. This beautiful beast is the theme around which this Microgaming online slots game revolves, and the game is composed of five reels and 25 paylines for players to enjoy.

White Buffalo online slots affords players the opportunity to take advantage of a good array of betting options, as well as decide on the amount of paylines he or she would like to activate for the game. The payline possibilities range from between one and 25, and players are able to place just one coin or as many as 30 on each of these. Coin value choices begin with 0.01 and rise to 0.2, and the minimum bet is thus 0.25, if all paylines are active, with the highest wager standing at 150 per spin.

Special Game Features for White Buffalo

White Buffalo is crammed full of interesting depictions of American wildlife, and players will be making use of moose; elks and rams as the highest-value symbols as they spin the reels provided. Every three; four; or five of the moose and elk symbols will award as many as 20; 250; and 750 coins respectively, while the ram will pay out 20; 100 and 500 in that order.

The top-paying symbols are the White Buffalo logo and the wild symbols, and these are able to reward players with as many as 1 000 coins for five landing along a payline.

This slot machine game’s main attraction, however, is not just the high payout values of the various wildlife symbols: the game’s wild serves as a substitute for regular symbols as well. The wild icon thus allows players to create winning combinations from the symbols they manage to land alongside the wild icons, and the prizes rack up very quickly when multiple wilds arrive at once.

Scatter payouts are also available for White Buffalo online slots, with the scatter symbol paying out wins of as much as 50 coins. Scatter payouts will kick in whenever two or more of these icons appear on the reels, regardless of where they happen to land.

Free Spins Feature for Wild Buffalo Online Slots

The most noteworthy feature of White Buffalo online slots, however, is the randomly triggered free spins bonus game that Microgaming has provided for within it. Players can look forward to herds of buffalos stampeding in from the left-hand side of the reels, charging across the player’s screen and vanishing off to the right. These charges indicate that the free spins bonus game has been awarded, and players are invited to enjoy the six free spins the game provides.

In order to increase the chance of maximising the spin outcomes during the free spins portion of play, all of the high symbols for this online slots machine game are able to transform into wilds. This means that the outcomes of players’ free spins could very well reveal multiple wilds, and so create manifold payline wins for the player when they land.