Boardercross Betting

Competitions are often the best times for bettors to start betting online, and there are few competitions quite as thrilling and fast-paced as boardercross. Boardercross is a professional competition of snowboarders, often in teams, in which the teams will race down a set course in an attempt to get the fastest time on the board. Not only is this a sport of speed, but also of style, where participants can perform different types of stunts as they make their way down the course.

Different boardercross competitions have different rules, and as such, some teams may win by earning stunt points, and some by completing a course before a certain time. Courses are laid out with flags, starting at a certain altitude and working down the mountain to a finish line. This is similar to the courses used by professional skiers, and many view boardercross as a mix between skiing and motocross.

Betting on Boardercross

Modern boardercross is often considered one of the best sports to bet on, as its fast-paced and thrilling nature means bets can go either way, which some bettors will find exciting. Boardercross events are held all over the world, but the majority tend to be located in northern and mid Europe, on some of the more famous snowboarding courses are found.

Bets can be made on both the teams or on individual snowboarders, and it is also possible to make bets on completion time or stunt award bonuses. The growth of online bookmakers has made it easier than ever for bettors to find current and live games, with emphasis on brining the action to bettors in real time, as well as a thriving odds market that bettors can follow throughout the year.

The History of Boardercross

The first concept of competitive snowboarding started as an extreme TV show for the Fox network.  Steven Rechtschaffner and Greg Stump were the two men that first created the idea of boardercross. After the success of some organised events, the men approached the Fox network and pitched the idea of having a professional snowboarding competition, which would be televised in North America. The show was put together, and snowboarders would compete against each other for prizes.

After the show had aired for the first time, it had become extremely popular, and gained fame throughout the world. This caused a ripple effect, and more people around the world became interested in boardercross. In 2006, about a decade after it was first conceptualised, boardercross was officially named an Olympic sport, and has been a popular addition to the Olympics ever since and is a favourite at racing betting sites.

Boardercross at The Olympics

The Olympics is the biggest sporting event in the world, and therefore any sport included in the Olympics will become popular worldwide. This is the case with boardercross, as the sport has grown massively in popularity within the last ten years since its début at the 2006 Olympics. This makes it one of the best games to bet on, as there are now dozens of bookmakers around the world that offer odds on the sport, especially during the Olympics, where sports receive the most coverage.

Bloodlines in racing

 Bloodlines In Racing

Australian thoroughbred bloodlines can be traced back to the first two or three stallions that were imported onto the continent from both Europe and America. Of course, these lines don’t play a part in racing performance today as they are way too far back in the past to have any effect. Current bloodlines do play a part, however, and placing a wager on a horse should be done with all knowledge in hand, including its pedigree and whether said pedigree has produced any winners.

Common Lines

There are a few common lines in Australian thoroughbreds that seem to produce winner after winner. Bearing in mind that stallions can have up to 100 foals a year, while mares can only breed one foal a season, it is obvious that the stallion lines will be better known. Also, as there are often so many foals by one stallion, checking the ratio of winners to mediocre horses is worth your time. Two well-known winners out of say 50 foals do not mean that the pedigree is necessarily successful.

Checking these statistics is not a difficult thing to do. There are many websites available for punters and pretty much any one else who wishes to check the pedigree of a thoroughbred. In the smaller races the sires and dams of the runners are not usually mentioned, only the actual horse’s name. This means that a bit of sleuthing work is needed to have a look at the horse’s pedigree.

Big Races Versus Small Races

Of course, the big, important races rely much less on bloodlines than the smaller ones. The horses in the Melbourne Cup or Cox Plate are proven athletes with many wins and a lot of prize money already in the bank. Their bloodlines can be interesting to look at, simply because it may give some information on an already existing line, or show potential for an unknown one.

Smaller horse betting races are where the proverbial wheat is separated from the chaff. These races, especially the maiden plates for two year olds, showcase young horses from all sorts of bloodlines. Often it is here that placing a wager on a horse with well-known parentage will be more beneficial than placing a wager on a totally unknown line or youngster. For example, Black Caviar’s first foal is due to start running this year. Placing a wager on her is a pretty good bet because of her mother’s proven performance. It is not guaranteed that she is going to be a super mare like her dam, but the chances are high that she will run well, and be a successful racehorse.

Dams and Sires

Until recently it was believed that foals get most of their talent and genetic makeup from their father or sire. That train of thought has changed, however, with most breeders agreeing that it is actually a 75% 25% split in favour of the dam. Sires are of course important, and due to their being more foals from a sire line than a dam line, there are more statistics to judge the quality of the horse as a breeding animal.

Wild Birthday Blast

Player’s Party with 2by2’s Wild Birthday Blast Online Slots

There is always a reason to party when it comes to good online slots machine, and 2by2 Gaming takes this fact for its theme for its Wild Birthday Blast online offering. A host of different animals are all ready to celebrate right alongside the player, and the idiosyncratic design this developer has decided on will have players opening up gifts of great jackpot prizes whenever they sit down, or stand up, to start enjoying it with their furry friends.

Format for Wild Birthday Blast from 2by2 Gaming

Wild Birthday Blast has five reels and 30 paylines available for players, and it takes place in a room that has obviously been redecorated in order to host a party. Balloons and streamers fill the screen, and the animals who got invited are intent on having fun: toucans tear the place up; giraffes get groovy; bears bring the ballyhoo and an elephant electrifies the surroundings. Joining these critters is the standard playing card symbols of ten; jack; queen; king; and ace, and these make up the lower value icons for play.

Special symbols for Wild Birthday Blast online slots play include a wild, an icon labelled as such, and a scatter symbol named free spins bonus, an applicable moniker since that is what it is able to grant. There is also the symbol of a gift box available, and this is the key to the bonus game provided.

Bonus Features for Wild Birthday Blast

2by2 Gaming’s Wild Birthday Blast online slots game has a bonus game available for its players to enjoy, and this is linked to the gift box icon that is able to appear as stacked on all of the game’s reels. When the dust settles, and the reels halt with a gift box displayed on one or more of them, all of these will transform into the same symbol –lucky players will have these match up with those already present on the reels in order to create a winning combination where previously there was none.

Free spins bonus scatters will reward players with complimentary rounds whenever a minimum of three land on the reels:

  • Three scatter symbols will award the player with ten free spins
  • Four scatter icons will reward the player with 15 free spins
  • Five scatter symbols will gift the player 20 free spins

Any wins the player manages to incur during this portion of Wild Birthday Blast online slots play will be doubled, and the free spins may be retriggered whenever more of the scatter symbols land on the player’s reels.

Wild Birthday Blast online pokies also has a randomly awarded Surprise Party bonus game available for its players, and, when this is activated, the player will be whisked away to a new screen, on which 20 doors will be displayed. All that is required is that the player choose one of these in order to reveal the party guest hidden behind it, and the prize that guest is able to award will be made known as well. Some doors are concealing more than one guest, and these are able to offer players higher monetary rewards as a result.

free welcome bonus casino

Philippines’ Online Free Welcome Bonus Casino Scores

With the free welcome bonus, casino sites online have another weapon in their arsenal of attractions that sets them apart from their land-based rivals. It’s fashionable to believe that nothing is ever for nothing, but gambling fans in the Philippines are discovering that this isn’t necessarily the case. Online casino sites compete intensely for business, and giving players free play with a chance of real winnings the moment they sign up is a great way to entice new members.

As promotional offers, free welcome bonus casino incentives will naturally come with certain terms and conditions attached. A minimum number of wagers with the bonus stake may be compulsory before a player can cash out any winnings, for example. Philippine players need to be sure they understand the terms and conditions thoroughly before accepting any bonuses, but as long as they adhere to this caveat, free welcome bonus casino deals are a handy way to try out different online casinos and a wider variety of games at no risk to a player’s funds.

Convenience a Big Driver towards Online Casinos

Apart from the free welcome bonus, casino sites online have other advantages that appeal to Filipinos. The Philippines’ excellent internet connectivity makes online casinos accessible to many more citizens in the republic’s far-flung archipelago of islands than the land-based casinos clustered around Manila. Philippine law also makes it completely legal for players to gamble at sites licensed outside the Philippines, and there are plenty to choose from.

Online casinos also never get overcrowded, and a player will never be frustrated by other players hogging their favourite machines. With the design, sound FX and live interactivity of online casinos improving with every advance in technology, many sites do a great job of replicating the in-real-life casino experience. Add free welcome bonus casino options that change on a daily basis, and the rapid growth in this entertainment sector is completely understandable.

Different Forms of the Free Welcome Bonus

There are three basic kinds of free welcome bonus casino sites usually offer: cash deposits, matching deposits and free spins. As the name implies, free spins generally apply to slots, although sometimes they could refer to roulette. The player is given a certain number of spins by the casino on which they don’t have to place bets, but which can still win real-money prizes.

Cash deposits and deposit-matching bonuses are both rewards that increase the player’s bankroll to play on slots, tables, or other casino games. The cash deposit is the most truly free welcome bonus casino sites offer, as players are given a set amount in their account to wager on any games they like, the moment they sign up. They do not have to make an initial deposit to access the bonus.

Deposit-Matching Bonuses can be Impressive

The deposit-matching bonus often included in a welcome package is not, strictly speaking, an entirely free welcome bonus casino offer. The player does have to make a certain minimum deposit before they qualify for the bonus. But since deposit-matching bonuses are regularly 100, 200 or even 300 per cent of the player’s deposit, they can still provide casino fans with a healthy amount of free money with which to wager, increasing their chances of real-money wins.

Amaya Games Geckos Gone Wild HTML5

Downloadable Version Adapted To Geckos Gone Wild HTML5

What makes an original, downloadable slot game different to the HTML5 or instant version? Well, nothing really besides the way in which a player plays it. Downloadable slot titles, featured in all their full and robust glory, take longer to download onto the player’s device and is stored for future use on the device, while an HTML version is played there and then, in instant mode.

Offered in a HTML version, this non-downloadable slot title does not feature the full bells and whistles offered in the downloadable game, but pretty much keeps in line with the original theme and displays pretty much the same symbols, graphics, sounds and pay-outs but in a lesser, more down-sized fashion.

Fortunately, with Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game, developed by Amaya Games, players enjoy equal amounts of slotting fun and receive generally the same frequent wins as in the downloadable version. However, the gaming pleasure and entertainment level is heightened with this HTML version as gameplay is smoother and faster and no time is wasted with long downloads. Players reviewed the original game as being not that mobile friendly, hence why Amaya Games decided to create this HTML masterpiece.

An Easy-To-Read Guide To This Slot

A short guide to Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game would reveal that it boasts five reels, three rows of symbols and 20 pay lines. It is themed around American folklore, more specifically around a statue called Kokopelli, with traditional fruits, letters, a traditional brick oven and red geckos adding to the theme. Players immerse in an enjoyable storyline, as the statue tries its best to get past the main gecko character in the game and attempts to set fire to the gecko’s tail. The colour scheme in with Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game is bursting with vibrant greens and yellows, with the sound effects adding to the entertainment factor.

As it is available in instant play mode, no software or application needs to be downloaded, making it a pleasure to play on any iPhone make, Android Smartphone, any tablet brand or basically any device that uses an iOS or Android operating system. Regarding real money betting, Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game offers a wide betting range of 0.01 to 100 Euros per spin.

What’s Up This Slot’s Sleeve?

So when it comes to fun extras and in-game money boosters, what does Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game have up its virtual sleeve you may ask?  Well, it is similar to its predecessor in many ways when it comes to winning potential and in-game features. This version has free spins of course, followed by a maximum jackpot of a whopping 50 000 coins. And yes, the jackpot is progressive which means it becomes larger over time.

Geckos Gone Wild HTML5 slot game also features more than one wild symbol. Although it does not boast any fun bonus games, it is still rewarding in many ways with multipliers awarded frequently and free spins being retriggered often.

Amaya Games Geckos Gone Wild

Geckos Gone Wild Slot Machine Summary

Developed by Amaya Games, a hot community in the slot arena, Geckos Gone Wild slot machine delivers on all counts, from winning potential to immersive gameplay.  This fresh video slot boasts five reels and 20 pay lines that are fixed. When summarising the betting range, first off it must be noted that this slot is perfect for all types of players – newbies and seasoned pros. Betting limits can easily be adjusted according to a player’s budget, so players can bet anything from 0.01 to 1.00 value coins, with one to 10 coins allowed per pay line.

Why It’s Easy To Immerse In This Online Adventure

Geckos Gone Wild slot machine delivers in its aim to immerse players into its online realm of American folklore and assists them in escaping from their normal lives. As the slot’s name suggests, this slot is centred around geckos; however, the graphics and sound effects improve on the generic and overused theme of reptiles.

So why is Geckos Gone Wild slot machine more than just a theme? Put simply, with its red and blue gecko symbols, realistic cactuses, bags of cash and brick oven icons featured in a detailed manner across brightly coloured reels, this game is an online masterpiece. Helping players immerse further into this virtual realm is the animations of the symbols when winning combinations fall on the reels.

Reasons Why This Is The Perfect Online Slot

The main reason why this is the perfect slot for players seeking fantastic real money play is the large jackpot up for grabs, which ranges from either 5 000 coins to 50 000 coins depending on the bet placed. More reasons that make for slot perfection are the wild symbols, scatter icons, multiple free spins and different multipliers all making for great winning combinations and high pay-outs on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine.

Want To Conquer The Slot Reels, Read This!

If you want to move straight to the slots and ignore the pay table, reading the following should put you in good stead for the correct symbol combinations and nice payouts. To claim 5 000 credits, put your hopes into getting five wild symbols on the reels. To claim those free spins, put all your mental thoughts on the brick oven scatter symbol and hope that it features in multiplies on the reels. Aim for two scatters on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine to claim free spins. Get five scatters on the reels and claim a whopping 60 free spins. To conquer the reels on Geckos Gone Wild slot machine, activate the most pay lines possible and bet on the most coins per pay line for the maximum payout.

HTML5 Version Available

While most slot players enjoy downloadable slots that can be played over and over again on their device after the software is downloaded and safely stored on their device, other players enjoy HTML5 slot versions. Luckily, Geckos Gone Wild slot machine is available in HTML5 version for instant play. No applications or software has to be downloaded.   ­

iPad Boule

iPad Boule

iPad Boule is now available to bring this classic French roulette variant to a wider global audience. It is essentially a simplified form of standard roulette. The trade off for the simplified game style is a higher house edge. It is played with a roulette style wheel and numbered pockets that are coloured with red, yellow and black pockets. It can be played for free online with real or free money.

The Rules Of iPad Boule

In iPad Boule, just like in standard roulette, players place wagers on a game mat divided into grids that contain all the possible wagers. A ball is spin along a spinning roulette wheel. If the ball lands in a pocket that was wagered on, players win a payout. Wagers can be placed on specific number, or groups of numbers like odd numbers or even numbers.

Players can also wager on groups of numbers by wagering on their specific colours, for instance red or yellow numbers. Wagers can also be placed on consecutive number or high and low numbers. The main difference between iPad Boule and standard roulette is that only the numbers 1 to 9 appear on the wheel, but four times. Another difference is that the yellow 5 acts like the zero or double zero in the European and American roulette games. This is where the house edge increases, since the 5 also appears 4 times like the other numbers.

Where To Play iPad Boule

When choosing a site to play iPad Boule on, players should first and foremost look for sites that have a good name online and offer reputable software. The site should also offer players a list of reputable e payment options in order to safely make cash deposits and withdrawals when they decide to make use of real money wagering. Reputable e payment services include Skrill, PaySafe, uKash and PayPal.

Wagering Real Cash On iPad Boule

iPad Boule becomes a lot more fun when real money wagering is involved. Always do the necessary research before creating a player account at a site and starting real money wagering. Your chosen site should always carry a certification from a recognised gaming authority. The site should also offer customer support and ideally instant chat functionality so that problems can be reported immediately. It is never fun dealing with money issues at online sites and being able to call, email and instant message makes these difficult experiences a lot more pleasant.

Playing iPad Boule On The Go

iPad Boule is the ideal game to play on the go. Compared to standard roulette, it is a lot simpler to understand and therefore wager. The iPad display always look great and the simple and colourful graphics of iPad Boule really pop on the screen. Real money wagering takes mobile play to the next level, adding all the fun and excitement that you will encounter at a real world casino, but in the comfort of your home, or during a lunch break at the office. If you are tired of standard roulette and want a fresh but familiar casino experience, iPad Boule is the game for you. It is available online now for free and you can try it out using free money wagers. Once you are used to the game style, you can start playing for real money.

Bingo Rama

Bingo Rama Bingo Hall In Jackson

Bingo Rama is a bingo hall located at 2460 Terry Road, Jackson, Mississippi. It is in the Jackson Square Promenade. It is currently managed by Rena McWade and their offices can be contacted by telephone or fax.

Bingo Rama Operating Hours

Bingo Rama operates from a 14467 square foot premises 5 days a week. They are only closed on Thursdays and Saturdays. Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays they operate between 2pm and 10 pm. Fridays they operate bingo games between 10 pm and 3 am.  Sundays they host games from 6pm till 10 pm. They are closed on the following public holidays: Christmas Eve and Christmas day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, Easter weekend, Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

The Bingo Rama Bingo Night

Bingo Rama offers up to $7500 in cash and prizes at each Bingo Rama session. They offer both electronic bingo using bingo pads as well as traditional paper bingo mats that are dabbed with ink to mark the bingo numbers called out. Customers can also purchase pull tabs on offer. There are 50 c and $1 pull tabs available for sale that offers prizes of up to $500. Bingo Rama also offers a concession stand where fresh food and drinks can be purchased as well as snacks.

The Bingo Rama Social Program

Bingo Rama donates to the Mississippi Court Advocacy & Justice Institute.  This institute provides funds as well as coordination and planning to the Mississippi Youth Court Guardian for Justice program. This program assists with care and advice for sexually and physically abused as well as neglected children in various youth programs. They also investigate cases, as directed by the Youth Court Judge in order to advise and advocate for the children’s best interests.

Bingo Games Available At Bingo Rama

Bingo Rama offers 75 ball bingo, which is the most popular bingo variation in North America. Players can purchase a bingo card divided into a 5 x 5 grid. The letters B, I, N, G, and O appear at the top of the card. These letters correspond with a column of 5 squares that indicate the bingo numbers. Bingo Rama offers a variety of patterns players can make to win prizes. These patterns can vary between a simple straight line, a square or diagonal lines. The electronic bingo pads used at Bingo Rama can be configured to a variety of setting in order to play other popular bingo variants.

The other variations on bingo that are played across the world use slight rule variations. In the UK, Australia and South America they play a 90 ball bingo variant. The bingo cards that are used to mark down the bingo numbers are 9 x 3 cards. Bingo Games can also be played with 30 balls for a quick game of speed bingo. In this variant the bingo cards are arranged in a 3 x 3 grid. In this game the object is to fill the entire nine block card in order to get a bingo. There is also an 80 ball version of Bingo. It uses bingo cards in a 4×4 grid but the rules remain similar to 75 ball Bingo.

Treasure Island Jackpots

Treasure Island Jackpots Online Casino Review

Treasure Island Jackpots is a fun and inviting online casino with pirate theme. Established in 2012, the casino is fully licenced and is regulated by the Curacao eGaming Authority. The casino welcomes players from all over the globe and is available in English as well as French.

Players can transact in US dollars, Euros, Canadian dollars, British pounds sterling and Australian dollars. When players logon to the main casino website, they will be welcomed by bright, cartoon-style graphics of a tropical island filled with treasure. The main page features all the latest slot games with simple links to the banking section, list of games, casino bonuses and customer support.

Download and Mobile Platforms

Treasure Island Jackpots New Zealand mobile casino is powered by Saucify casino software. Formally known as BetOnSoft, the world class casino software can be downloaded and installed on all leading PC and Mac computers. The casino is one of the few online casinos that pushes the use of the full download and subsequently does not offer an instant play or no download option. This means that all of the games are avalibe through the downloadable software only. The casino does however offer a fully functional mobile casino. Players can access and play all the latest slots and games on all leading smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

Table Games, Slots and More

When it comes to games, Treasure Island Jackpots online casino offers a wide range of high quality slots and casino games to suit just about every player. Their range of slots includes classic slot games, fruit slots, progressive slots as well as high quality video slot games. In addition, the casino also offers a comprehensive range of table and card games including table poker, blackjack, craps, baccarat, roulette, video poker, as well as instant play games and scratch card games. All of the games available for download and on the mobile platform can be played for free or for real money.


Treasure Island Casino Bonuses

Treasure Island Jackpots online casino is well known for offering some of the best casino bonuses in the business. First time depositors will be rewarded with an exclusive 100% 1st Deposit Bonus up to a maximum of $1,000. To qualify for the bonus, players must make a minimum initial deposit of $20 and use the bonus code: TJ100MS25. The wager requirement for the welcome bonus is 45X on all slots and casino games at the casino. For all their regular and VIP members, the casino also offers ongoing weekly and monthly promotions where players can win free spins and bonus prizes.

Security and Banking

All of the slots and casino games at Treasure Island Jackpots online casino can be played for free or for real money at any time. For those players that do want to play for real money, the casino offers a complete range of secure and convenient banking options to choose from. Players can easily fund or top up their casino account by local bank transfer, by credit card payment, by debit card payment or by using any one of the casino accredited web-wallet payment facilities. The casino runs state of the art encryption technology to ensure that all online transactions are 100% secure at all times. the Picture of Las Vegas casino is intended to give players a glimpse of the Las Vegas casino life. A sister site to Bodog casino, Casino is owned by Lynton Limited Casinos, and is licenced by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission of Canada.

In principle, where the average online casino has a single games software provider and some 75 games, uses several game manufacturers in order to provide an array of slots and table games that are more than double the average number. Realtime Gaming, Betsoft, Bodog Custom and NetEnt provide a rich variety of development expertise and thus more than 160 slots and table games at Players will find many big, recognisable titles like The Slotfather, a Night in Paris and Enchanted Garden, as well as numerous fresh games just waiting to become popular. The most popular slot machines are the 3D games that are technically highly advanced and contain several bonus features. have an excellent guide that gives a thorough description of the many slots games and certainly assists dramatically with game selection. also has a variety of progressive jackpot slot machines that carry accumulative jackpots and can be won at any time.


The Casino Game Menu also provides players with the option of playing a range of casino table games. Although this is not their speciality, as the name dictates, there are nevertheless plenty of table game variety despite the lack of any live dealer games. Video poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker games are all available in addition to several varieties of each game. Some more specialised games such as Pai Gow, Sic Bo, Red Dog, Bingo, Casino War, keno, and scratch cards are also well represented at, and this creates a solid Las Vegas environment. casino can be played in downloadable form, enjoyed as an instant play venue or played on the go via a highly compatible mobile site.

A Bonus Offer of Note

There are a variety of bonuses that tempts players with, but a particular first deposit games bonus is drawing new players very quickly. provides a 100% deposit match bonus on the first deposit placed at the casino for broad game play. The value of this bonus is up to $500 and can be activate by using the bonus code HELLOGAMES. To be eligible for this bonus, players will need to make a minimum initial deposit of $25. The wagering requirements regarding this bonus is a 40x play-through of the deposit and bonus amount, but may well offer additional bonuses on subsequent deposits too.

Fairness and Security at

In terms of fairness and security, has been certified by Gaming Associates to be a safe and secure site. The Random Number Generator, which is a solid indicator of the fairness of a casino site, has also been certified as being suitably fair and random. was established in 2013, and is therefore still building up their reputation, which indicates why there is such emphasis on security and performance. is not yet in the eCogra casino member list, but with references to this evaluator body on their website, affiliation is certainly on the cards.

Banking and security issues at are a process that is in development. is available to players from the USA, which is quite limited, but does place additional requirements on banking options. Despite its relative newness, does provide a reasonable range of banking methods and e-wallets that should satisfy at least most prospective customers.